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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy describes how we collect, store or use the information we collect through the different services or pages available on this site. It is important that you understand what information we collect and how we use it since access to this site implies acceptance of our privacy policy.

By using this site users agree to be subject to the YouTube Terms of Service specified in detail at this link:

What information do we collect?

Our site does not collect information! We use browser cookies only for certain services and amenities on the site. Cookies do not store any personal data, such as name, sex, age or email address. You can disable cookies in the browser settings, if you wish. Please note that with cookies disabled you will not be able to use some features of our site.


Access to this site may involve the use of cookies. Cookies are small amounts of information that are stored in the browser used by each user so that the server remembers certain information that can later be used. This information allows you to identify yourself as a specific user and allows you to save your personal preferences, as well as technical information such as visits or specific pages you visit.
Those users who do not wish to receive cookies or want to be informed before they are stored on their computer, can configure their browser for this purpose.

Most browsers today allow the management of cookies in 3 different ways:

  1. The cookies are never accepted.
  2. The browser asks the user if each cookie should be accepted.
  3. Cookies are always accepted.

The browser may also include the possibility to specify better which cookies have to be accepted and which ones are not. In particular, the user can usually accept any of the following options: reject cookies from certain domains; reject third-party cookies; accept cookies as non-persistent (they are deleted when the browser closes); Allow the server to create cookies for a different domain. In addition, browsers can also allow users to view and delete cookies individually.

You can find more information about Cookies at:

Web Beacons

This site can also host web beacons (also known as web bugs). Web beacons are usually small images of a pixel by a pixel, visible or invisible placed within the source code of the web pages of a site. Web Beacons serve and are used in a similar way to cookies. In addition, web beacons are often used to measure the traffic of users who visit a web page and to draw a pattern of users of a site.

You can find more information about web beacons at:

Third parties

In some cases, we share information about visitors to this site anonymously or in aggregate with third parties such as advertisers, sponsors or auditors for the sole purpose of improving our services. All these processing tasks will be regulated according to the legal norms and all your data protection rights will be respected according to the current regulation.

This site measures traffic with different solutions that can use cookies or web beacons to analyze what happens on our pages. We currently use the following solutions to measure the traffic of this site. You can see more information about the privacy policy of each of the solutions used for this purpose:

Google (Analytics):

This site can also host its own advertising, affiliates, or advertising networks. This advertising is shown through advertising servers that also use cookies to display advertising content related to users. Each of these advertising servers has its own privacy policy, which can be consulted on their own web pages.

Currently this site hosts advertising for:

Google Adsense:

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I do not (and do not claim to) own, store, keep or modify any of the videos available on this website. All the videos displayed on this website are copyrighted to their respective owners.

I cannot prevent videos from being displayed on this website. For that, you should disable the embedding option in your personal youtube account settings.

The video player, informations and other video related data are provided by YouTube's API, under their own terms and conditions YouTube's Terms of Service.