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Video: 10 Best Frieza Moments in Dragon Ball

VIDEO: 10 Best Frieza Moments in Dragon Ball
04/14/2019 10:33 2.2K 38 45.1K

TRY VRV FOR FREE RIGHT NOW: | What are the TOP 10 BEST Frieza Moments in Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z? What are Frieza's slimiest moments? It is the BEST OF FRIEZA in Dragon Ball Super and Z! Hope you enjoy!



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Comments (385)
  • Brother Malachai
    Brother Malachai

    09:21 That was a big mistake on DBS: Broly's part. They should've went for a full 2 hr or slightly over 2 hr mark like a standard movie. You could tell a LOT was cut out of the movie. Especially in the flashback sequences/First Act.

  • Goku Red?
    Goku Red?

    I only have one thing to say.... HOHOHOHOHOHO (AND THATS NOT SANTA ITS FRIEZAS Laugh) -Wait thats more than 1 word...-

  • Daniel Frieka
    Daniel Frieka

    For me, Frieza going Golden after being revived for the TOP is in top 3

  • Gonçalo Sanhudo de Portocarreiro
    Gonçalo Sanhudo de Portocarreiro

    Listen I have an idea for the future of DBS bringing in Cooler and Kuriza (Frieza's son) also interacting with Broly - This could actually happen, listen: Frieza is so disappointed with his weak army he realizes the only way to solve that problem is to bring in more people from his race, he could bring in Cooler thus cannonizing his character, and also have a son, Kuriza. Maybe he could be so "cold" in his interactions with his son, he actually ran away to live with broly on vampa where he had heard ex-members of his father's army were living in a sort of refuge! This could be awesome!

  • Shane Wright
    Shane Wright

    My favourite Frieza moment is in the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie when King Cold introduced Frieza as his successor. It really captures just how awful Frieza is. If the Saiyans thought King Cold was ruthless and domineering, Frieza showed that he could be even worse. I won't spoil anything, but I will say that the event ends leaving King Vegeta in dire straits.

  • Arokarion

    Funny how opinions are different: your #10 is my personal #1 xD

  • Prisma Network
    Prisma Network

    Dude I feel like u had a inner fan girl scream when u saw frieza kill those snipers in the broly movie

  • Mario S
    Mario S

    For me #1 should be when Freezer goes to his final form in DBZ, it was so climatic

  • Brown Bear
    Brown Bear

    I would of put the scene where Freiza stops an Haki being in my top 3 . I remember my jaw literally dropping at that feat.

  • mar mar - agar
    mar mar - agar

    Dude i loved when he ate that namekian crab Just a random organism from another planet

  • Jon Hughes
    Jon Hughes

    1 through 10 is every ooooohhh ho ho ho ho

  • Khalid H
    Khalid H

    Omg i got spoiled by frieza killing bardock why geekdom whyyyyyy at least put spoiler tag

  • Saiyana Brief
    Saiyana Brief

    The countdown in Broly is so freaking....I feel like tragic isn't quite the right word. If they'd combine that with that scene in the Bardock special, oh my glob, that would be such a super tragic, dramatic moment. Like you'd totally feel the full effect to the fullest. I am sucking at wording this right now.

  • Saiyana Brief
    Saiyana Brief

    So, does DBZA cover the full scene for #9? Because I thought that seemed different in there. I rewatched that part not that long ago.

  • Redden Family Fun
    Redden Family Fun

    I think me and you might have something in common lol. I love Frieza Too