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Video: 10 Best Frieza Moments in Dragon Ball

VIDEO: 10 Best Frieza Moments in Dragon Ball
04/14/2019 10:33 2K 35 38.2K

TRY VRV FOR FREE RIGHT NOW: | What are the TOP 10 BEST Frieza Moments in Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z? What are Frieza's slimiest moments? It is the BEST OF FRIEZA in Dragon Ball Super and Z! Hope you enjoy!



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Comments (349)
  • Jon Hughes
    Jon Hughes

    1 through 10 is every ooooohhh ho ho ho ho

  • Khalid H
    Khalid H

    Omg i got spoiled by frieza killing bardock why geekdom whyyyyyy at least put spoiler tag

  • Saiyana Brief
    Saiyana Brief

    The countdown in Broly is so freaking....I feel like tragic isn't quite the right word. If they'd combine that with that scene in the Bardock special, oh my glob, that would be such a super tragic, dramatic moment. Like you'd totally feel the full effect to the fullest. I am sucking at wording this right now.

  • Saiyana Brief
    Saiyana Brief

    So, does DBZA cover the full scene for #9? Because I thought that seemed different in there. I rewatched that part not that long ago.

  • Redden Family Fun
    Redden Family Fun

    I think me and you might have something in common lol. I love Frieza Too

  • krn106

    THANK YOU geekdom. A lot of people I talk to like the majin buu saga more than frieza. I’ve always thought frieza saga was the best and he’s always been my favorite villain

  • Bradley Chadburn-Adams
    Bradley Chadburn-Adams

    One of my favourite scenes is where Goku and Frieza knock each other out with one punch

  • Niroc

    I don't believe it, Freeza can't be you favorite character... Also, I'm blind to profile pics.

  • Talaris Watts-El
    Talaris Watts-El

    Freiza destroying planet Vegeta is my favorite moment, it's legendary.

  • Faith Rodriguez
    Faith Rodriguez

    I have a question geekdom who do think would win mr power scale True golden Frieza or Hit tell or make a video

  • kingofsaiyans819

    I miss namek saga frieza. Super frieza is no where near as sadistic

  • NeoSonic19

    My top iconic Frieza moments: 10. Frieza stabbing Krillin with his horn, stepping on Gohan's face, and beam-shotting Piccolo on Planet Namek. 9. Frieza torturing Vegeta. 8. Frieza killing Krillin and triggering Goku to go Super Saiyan. 7. Frieza revived and becoming stronger in Resurrection F through 4-6 months of training. 6. Frieza killing his soldiers for failing to beat the Z-Fighters. 5. Frieza powering up to the point where Goku, Vegeta, and others are in awe. 4. The Frieza and Gohan team up moments during the ToP. 3. Frieza destroying Planet Vegeta. 2. Frieza beating up the Universe 2 Yardrat and later betraying Frost. 1. Frieza punching Goku in the gut, claiming that his hand slipped. There are some others moments that I can mention, but I'll let this be the Top 10 list.



  • Balf - Chan
    Balf - Chan

    With number 9 I was watching that scene and my Dad walks in and was like: wtf?

  • Raviq

    I feel like True Golden Frieza debut should have been on here somewhere but excellent video geekdom!

  • Boylovatic17

    Yes bro. Frieza is the shit. He's just so evil and I love it