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Video: 10 Best Simple Exercises to Improve Eyesight

VIDEO: 10 Best Simple Exercises to Improve Eyesight
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The seeing process is so important that, according to scientists, it makes up for 50% of human brain functionality. Unfortunately, as we age, many of us notice eyesight deterioration and hours of working with computers just worsens this problem. Many vision problems arise precisely from the act of overstraining like dry eyes, redness, headaches, and blurred vision.

Sounds familiar? Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to go offline for a break regularly. But how about start small and try ten simple exercises for your eyes? You can do them while watching the video with no fuss in under 15 minutes!

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#1. Gaze into the darkness 0:38
#2. Side to Side Eye Movement 1:29
#3. Up and Down Eye Movement 2:44
#4. Moving Your Eyes Diagonally 3:57
#5. Rolling Your Eyes in a Circle 5:21
#6. Near and Far Focus 6:44
#7. Concentration #1 7:57
#8. Concentration #2 9:26
#9. Massage #1 10:25
#10. Massage #2 11:33

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- #1. Put your elbows on the table. Close your eyes and cup them with your palms. Relax and gaze into the darkness. You can do this exercise for 30 or 60 seconds depending on how much free time you have.
- #2. Stand or sit up straight and look straight ahead. Without moving your head, look to the left and focus on what you see. Look to the right and focus on what you see. You should move your eyes from side to side at least five times.
- #3. Sit up straight and look ahead. Look up and focus on what you see. Look down. Look up and down five times and repeat the entire cycle three times.
- #4. Look straight ahead. Look down and to the left. Move your eyes diagonally and look up and to the right. Focus on what you see. You should repeat the exercise five times, then look straight ahead and do the same cycle in the other direction.
- #5. Sit up straight and relax. Look to the left and slowly roll your eyes in a circle clockwise. Do it clockwise five times and then counterclockwise five times.
- #6. This exercise helps to relax your eye muscles and increases blood circulation in your eyes. Focus your eyes on a pencil or any other nearby object. It should be 8 to 11 inches (20 to 30 cm) away from your eyes. Then look at something distant, focus on that and try to see it in detail.
- #7. Sit up straight. Look straight ahead. Gaze at the point between your eyebrows and focus on what you see for a few seconds. Then look ahead again. Gaze at the point between your eyebrows. You should change this focus five times, and repeat this cycle three times.
- #8. Sit up straight. Look straight ahead. Gaze at the tip of your nose for a few seconds. Then look ahead again. Again, you should change this focus five times and repeat the entire cycle three times.
- #9. Close your eyes. Squeeze your eyes tightly shut for two to three seconds. Relax the muscles around your eyes. Squeeze your eyes shut again. To achieve the best result, we should repeat ten times.
- #10. Close your eyes. Gently rub your eyelids with circular motions. Press lightly. You should make ten circular movements: first clockwise, then five counterclockwise.

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    How much time do you spend using a computer or laptop?

  • 기분방탄 소년단
    기분방탄 소년단

    1-8 Hours a day ;-; (Mobile) Theres one time that me and my bff spent 7 hours playing on our laptops

  • Alok Vats
    Alok Vats

    After 💯 days of continuous exercise My eyesight is still same nothing will happened

  • Rin Kagamine
    Rin Kagamine

    Imma try everyday, here’s my progress: Day 1: It kinda gave me a headache...

  • Yogeshwari SM
    Yogeshwari SM

    I feel relaxed after performing these exercises. I also feel that my eye power is being controlled from increasing.

  • Nirajan Pradhan
    Nirajan Pradhan

    These exercises only relax eye but not improve myopia or hyperopia. Humans eyes are more complicated than how beautiful n delicate it looks

  • HP Gaming
    HP Gaming

    Thank you bright isle the old on broke down

  • Kajal Patel
    Kajal Patel

    It really worked for me. Thanks for making this video for people like us

  • Krishna Gupta
    Krishna Gupta

    How many of you skip the time give by him for trying the exercise 😂😂😂

  • DarkRose

    Do these exercises really work? I just watched the video and I tried it, but I need someone's opinion on it. Did it really work out for you?

  • Black heart Princess
    Black heart Princess

    Is it normal that you’ll have headache and you don’t feel comfortable while doing the exercise??

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    Gacha Lover

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