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Video: 11 Magic Tricks Finally Explained By Experts

VIDEO: 11 Magic Tricks Finally Explained By Experts
03/14/2019 10:21 1.4K 171 78.8K

The amazing world of magic attracts both children and adults. As kids, we all loved magic tricks, didn’t we? We get older, but a good tasteful trick or illusion never does. With magicians keeping their tricks top secret, it’s nearly impossible to learn how they’re done…until now. Swift hands, thorough preparation, and a lot of practice are pretty much everything a magician needs!

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The good old levitating trick 0:38

Oh, boy! What's happened to gravitation? 1:43

The phone in a bottle trick 3:05

The levitating foam cup 3:50

The mind reading trick 😱 4:31

Melting through rubber bands 5:18

Paper clips that link in thin air 6:04

Slice a banana without peeling it 6:43

The anti-gravity water levitation trick 7:17

The magical moving pen 8:22

The torn bill trick 9:05

- The secret behind the good ol’ levitating trick is the hidden holding mechanism they use. The holding mechanism consists of 3 parts: a flat, solid base, a rod attached to the base that stands up, and a chair-like piece extending from the rod.
- The one-hand-holding-a-pencil trick is incredibly simple but still impressive! All you need is a pen or pencil, a watch or bracelet, and a long, hard object (another pencil will do).
- To perform the phone in a bottle trick, the magician wears a finger sleeve you can barely see. On it is a very small but sharp blade. As the magician holds the bottle, getting ready to slide the phone in, they wave their hand over the bottle. As they do this, they swiftly slice a line into the bottle.
- Take a styrofoam cup. Hold it with your left hand, and gently push your thumb through it. Make sure to do this with your thumb directly in front of you and behind the cup so no one can see. Then wave the fingers of both hands around, and raise the cup up and down.
- Once the word is written on the napkin, display it (blank side up) to the table, waving it back and forth over your phone. As you say this, look down at your phone. As you wave the napkin over it, you’ll see the word reflected in the screen!
- Snag a banana, and keep the peel intact. Take a pin, poke it into the banana, and wiggle it around, ultimately splitting it into even pieces without having to peel it. Peel the banana in front of someone to reveal it’s been pre-sliced.
- Place the pen on the flat surface, and pretend to focus your mental energy on it as you put your hand slightly above it with your pointer finger facing outward. Then, without being too obvious, blow lightly on the pen to make it move. It may take some practice to learn not to “blow it”.
- The pencil is cut in half, but it stays connected thanks to a magnet inside. That way, it can be split in half by a dollar without ever having to tear anything.

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    Hey guys, which of these good old trick are you gonna try to perform in front of your friends or parents? C'mon, maybe you're a natural magician and just don't know it?

  • TheLoneDragonborn

    No! booo! Eww! DISSAGREEE !! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Infidel Gastro
    Infidel Gastro

    It would've been much more impressive if we could've seen these tricks performed by humans instead of some anime stuff... It all made very little sense.

  • AshleyPlayz z
    AshleyPlayz z

    The magic trick in the thumnail my teacher showed it to everyome

  • Sten

    8:50 REALLY? FU. Please delete that channel.

  • The Magic BEAST
    The Magic BEAST

    Cool magic tricks, This channel is growing speedly Hope I will grow like that too. ✌✌✌✌✌

  • nathan lie
    nathan lie

    that pencil with the wrist watch trick is the trick that i found out myself accidentally a few years ago

  • Nik

    Now u see me..

  • Haunty

    1:30 hhmmm where does that stick go?