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Video: 12 Signs You're Dealing With a Fake Person

VIDEO: 12 Signs You're Dealing With a Fake Person
03/14/2019 11:21 5K 181 170.3K

Figuring out a person's real intentions can be pretty hard. Some people pretend to be sincere when they need something from you. Luckily, there are a couple of surefire ways to spot a fake person in your life and cut them off before it's too late. And the examples will make these signs more memorable!

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Social status doesn't matter? Or does it? 0:26

Fake people are manipulators 1:22

They crave attention 2:16

They never ask you about you 3:01

They're bragging all the time 3:53

Fake people break their promises 4:54

Fake people are opportunists 5:46

Fake people put others down 6:39

Fake people feed off drama 7:27

They gossip 8:10

They're only nice when they need something 9:06

They disappear when you need them the most 9:58

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- When a person doesn't really care about their own gain, they pay zero attention to the social status of others, focusing on their personality traits and characteristics instead.
- Can you imagine a genuine and happy person trying to manipulate somebody? This is exactly what a fake person would do!
- Genuine and confident people usually don't feel a burning desire to be the center of attention at all times. The reason behind it is pretty simple: They don't really care what society thinks of them!
- If you meet a person who never asks you about you and always makes every topic about themselves, you're probably dealing with a fake person who doesn't deserve your time and effort.
- If you come across a person who can't stop talking about how awesome they are, there's a big chance you're talking to a fake person.
- If you keep hanging out with someone who talks big but always disappears when it comes to action, this is definitely not a person you can rely on.
- Genuine people love to spend time with you and will never throw a friendship or romantic relationship out the window. Fake people are not afraid to ruin your relationships to get the best you have.
- One of the most obvious signs of a fake person is when they try to look better at someone else’s expense.
- Fake people never care about someone else's feelings. Instead, they love to play people off against one another for fun and entertainment!
- Genuine people have high moral principles that don't let them talk behind someone's back. If they don't like you, they simply don't interact with you that often.
- The only focus of a fake person is themselves, so they view people from the perspective of what they can get from them.
- Fake friends always disappear at the first sign of trouble.

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Comments (687)

    Hey guys, when was the last time someone tried to manipulate your opinion? What was the situation like?

  • Minceraft Gamer
    Minceraft Gamer

    Just wanna ask, if a person does one or two the things but seems clean besides that does that mean they are ok????

  • Steven  Smith
    Steven Smith

    +Lisa ThompsonThat's a broad statement. Not all tv news is fake. That's why you must do your homework & research MULTIPLE UNCONNECTED sources. Dig deeper the truth can be found

  • Erin McKeown
    Erin McKeown

    BRIGHT SIDE also, listen to your unconsciousness. It will tell you if something is wrong when it comes to a relationship.

  • Erin McKeown
    Erin McKeown

    BRIGHT SIDE one difficult thing is “are the people really fake? Or do they have some sort of disorder that makes it hard for being social.

  • Aurel Octaffi
    Aurel Octaffi

    when I was 12 I have a fake just like in your vid

  • Manisha Bhaittrai
    Manisha Bhaittrai

    Last year my friend tried to manipulate me. everytime she tries to manipulate me I feel it. she doesn't listen to my will and she starts saying many things and tries to change my will by telling her opinions and advantages of it. I mean I feel like she is trying to force me indirectly to accept what she wants. Last year there was a course in college I don't know which course it was and some were taking that course and some were not so she wanted to do that course so she took part in it and I don't want to do that so I denied. I think she was the only one from our group who was taking part in that course so maybe she was alone so then she asked me why I don't want to take that course what's my reason i said i don't want to take part in it then she asked why and I said because I don't want to take part in it😁 the reason was simple that I am not willing to do it but then she started telling me many things about that course like that course is good that will help you to develop yourself that course will be very helpful and you don't have to worry why you are not taking part in it you should take this will develop your personality etc. I was so angry inside. i was feeling like i want to beat her. She is not listening to me if i said no means no why she was doing this why she is so manipulative? Why she trying to control me i hate it when someone tries to control me (physically mentally, emotional from everywhere). For a moment i felt like i should take part but no my heart doesn't want that so i was JUST listening but my decision was NO. no matter how hard she tried to convince me. No means no. She always tries to manipulate me what she is trying to do huh!😁 can't she live her life and let me live mine!!!!??😒

  • Rebecca Brear
    Rebecca Brear

    My neighbor is exactly like this, especially is like #'s 9 & a T :( . I think there is 2 you mentioned that she doesn't do..but the other 10, YES!! :((((

  • Saphire Dex
    Saphire Dex

    Actually, this is very accurate, I judge people by their actions every single day. If I like what they present to me, after a few weeks, I try to find a common interest. I like to call the first weeks "Observation Weeks", they can seem like they are lonely and boring, but it is worth it in the long run, as these weeks will help identify fake people. Prior to this video, I had no idea that the things I watched out for were by instinct. I am amazed to see these instinct factors in this video. Also, clothes tell character. Just pointing that out.

  • Siddharth Man
    Siddharth Man

    I just stuck in some money issue and i pay the whole fine

  • Lar M
    Lar M

    +Alethea Malixi You are most wise to stay away with nonsense people.

  • green bird
    green bird

    I feel uncomfortable w/ how popular this idea is becoming. WHY someone is behaving a certain way is more important than HOW they're behaving. Cutting people out of your life w/out looking for the answer to "why?" makes YOU the toxic/fake person in the relationship (disappearing @ the 1st sign of trouble). 10 yrs ago I had a nervous breakdown. W/out any warning, or trying to find out what was happening, my sister cut me out of her life completely. She was angry & insulted that I stopped calling her, even though I'd stopped talking to everyone.

  • yeehaw juice
    yeehaw juice

    Alright to be honest I’m fake to some people But, I’m really trying to show them that I’m not but can’t really come through (Plus I don’t hang out with the popular kids) and I don’t like popularity Though I can’t keep things to myself which I’m also really trying to work on So... Do you have any advice you can give me to be you know more like a true friend? Because I want them to not view me as fake anymore but real!

  • imagamer thanks
    imagamer thanks

    I'm what you call a fake person but the reason afraid of what people think of me is because I was bullied and I came from a mom. And what do you mean by fake person, robot

  • EMarie61

    #11 would apply to certain family members of mine. They barely acknowledged the fact I was alive until they needed a favor.

  • irisheyes317

    ''A 'nice' person who isn't nice to the server isn't really a nice person.'' -Mae West

  • alessandra y
    alessandra y

    Perfect examples of a narcissistic person!!!!

  • Kirk Patrick
    Kirk Patrick

    Wise Disney?? Fake people pretend to like Captain Marvel.

  • Santi12007

    *Fake people like to gossip a lot* Ali-A is a perfect example of this, by doing clickbait.

  • Leandro Jerez
    Leandro Jerez

    Are you fake if you disappear from people that only calls you or texts you when they need something?

  • Usha Pavan
    Usha Pavan

    Here nobody is fake because fake people don't watch this analysis every I correct?

  • lamis shamma
    lamis shamma

    Is no one gonna talk about how he pronounced Draco’s name😓😂