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Video: 14 Things Destroy Your Computer Slowly and Unnoticeably

VIDEO: 14 Things Destroy Your Computer Slowly and Unnoticeably
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Your computer sure makes life easier, but can you say you pay it back the same way? It turns out, seemingly insignificant things, like keeping the battery in or forgetting to unplug your headphones, can slowly kill your electronic buddy. Don’t worry! I’ll fill you in on the most common mistakes in PC care.

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Connecting the laptop to a power supply the wrong way 0:18
Plugging into the power source without removing the battery from the laptop 0:49
Being impatient as you turn on or restart your PC 1:24
Using a tee and extension cable instead of a power strip 1:47
Putting your system unit too close to the wall, furniture and home decor 2:25
Not paying enough attention to your software 3:03
Transporting your laptop in sleep or hibernation mode 3:33
Exposing the screen to direct sunlight 4:06
Mangling the cords 4:33
Keeping your laptop too hot 5:06
Using a cheap replacement power supply 5:32
Installing and uninstalling lots of programs 5:57
Cleaning the screen the wrong way 6:24
Keeping too many gadgets plugged in 6:58

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- Always start with connecting the laptop to the charger, then the plug to the outlet and only then turn the laptop on.
- If you frequently use your laptop while it’s plugged in, it’s a good idea to take out the battery after you’ve charged it to about 50–60%.
- Impatience gives your computer too much pressure it can’t handle, causing the operating system to freeze and the distortion of data.
- It’s not just the grid to blame for power surges, lightning can give you a hard time as it sends its pulses through cables and even phone wires.
- Remember, your computer needs an effective cooling system. Otherwise, you’re at risk of overheating and the interrupting functionality.
- For the operating system to run smoothly for many years, give it the treatment it deserves.
- Sleep and hibernation are only good when you’re using the gadget at home and don’t like to constantly wait for the system to fully boot (although it’s worth doing it from time to time).
- One thing that your laptop and computer both have in common is that they hate the Sun. Obviously, it can cause problems with overheating, and its rays can slowly, but surely, kill your display.
- What do the cables and power cords of your laptop look like? If they’re all twisted and bent or wrapped around something to keep them bundled, don’t expect them to serve you a long time.
- Heat is your laptop’s worst enemy, so keep your gadget cool on a flat and firm surface.
- When your power supply burns or gets lost, don’t go for a cheaper version or borrow your friend’s old charger to save money.
- If your disk is full but you don’t think you have too many programs installed, try using some tools that delete rarely used and temporary files.
- Ammonia-based, alcohol-containing substances can seriously damage the anti-reflective coating of your screen and shorten its lifespan.
- Whenever it’s possible, turn off the sound, keyboard backlight, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi if you can work offline.

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    Hey there guys, what’s the main purpose you use your computer for? Work, school projects or maybe games?

  • Rice & Beans techie
    Rice & Beans techie

    I use my consle to edit my channel video thers is something about the Ps controllers that make it easy and fast to get the job done i undestand the controller its like a third limb for me

  • lexenok !
    lexenok !

    Это русское переозвученное видео?

  • WerlucaMC

    Mac sucks, it can’t handle every program and it SUCKS for gaming. Get a Windows pc, it is better at gaming then a Mac because it runs smoother and it can play more games and it is FAR more popular then Mac.

  • SuperThad3000

    90% v. heavy gaming (thats why I have an iMac Pro 10% school projects (for my macbook pro)

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  • Max Ryapolov
    Max Ryapolov

    music making, research, and listening to music

  • The Garnernator
    The Garnernator

    Keeping your Laptop plugged in all the time damages battery

  • Shudhanshu Shekhar Mishra
    Shudhanshu Shekhar Mishra

    I dont have enough money to buy an artificial cooling base for my laptop. So i put a averagely thick book beneath it for ventilation. Will it work? Please answer.

  • Clerick X
    Clerick X

    If it's always connected to network can cause the laptop to loose energy easily

  • Tora Fuliar
    Tora Fuliar

    I am so surprised you did not mention smoking, then blowing the smoke at the screen and keyboard.

  • Rice & Beans techie
    Rice & Beans techie

    Hey love your channel I have a channel and i go by the name of rice and beantechi i woul d like to reference people to your channel

  • Xero Wolf
    Xero Wolf

    Yea but not many laptop batteries are easily removable like that.

  • HM King
    HM King

    Another important thing don't let your pets near your computer especially cats because their hair or fur can get inside the system and may damage it.

  • Pixelated Something
    Pixelated Something

    How come i followed all the rules, but my laptop cannot hold a charge after 2-3 years of it being new

  • zork

    Get your bullsh1t detectors out folks.

  • TheFirstRobloxLegend

    I know that most of these hacks are outdated for example taking out the battery but is using Windex wipes that were invented to clean glass okay to use?

  • Easy Video T&T
    Easy Video T&T

    Please say one laptop model where you can take the battery out and it's produced after 2019/01/01

  • Rudra Sharma
    Rudra Sharma

    Nowadays, laptops' battery are non-removable!

  • Rudra Sharma
    Rudra Sharma

    Nowadays, laptops' battery are non-removable!

  • Rudra Sharma
    Rudra Sharma

    Nowadays, laptops' battery are non-removable!

  • Edwardo H.
    Edwardo H.

    Watching this video amost bluw up my laptopp

  • Vegetaplays

    Who'd they get to write this? Someone from Alabama?