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Video: 14 Things That Destroy Your Computer Slowly But Surely

VIDEO: 14 Things That Destroy Your Computer Slowly But Surely
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Your computer sure makes life easier, but can you say you pay it back the same way? It turns out, seemingly insignificant things, like keeping the battery in or forgetting to unplug your headphones, can slowly kill your electronic buddy. Don’t worry! I’ll fill you in on the most common mistakes in PC care.

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Connecting the laptop to a power supply the wrong way 0:18
Plugging into the power source without removing the battery from the laptop 0:49
Being impatient as you turn on or restart your PC 1:24
Using a tee and extension cable instead of a power strip 1:47
Putting your system unit too close to the wall, furniture and home decor 2:25
Not paying enough attention to your software 3:03
Transporting your laptop in sleep or hibernation mode 3:33
Exposing the screen to direct sunlight 4:06
Mangling the cords 4:33
Keeping your laptop too hot 5:06
Using a cheap replacement power supply 5:32
Installing and uninstalling lots of programs 5:57
Cleaning the screen the wrong way 6:24
Keeping too many gadgets plugged in 6:58

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- Always start with connecting the laptop to the charger, then the plug to the outlet and only then turn the laptop on.
- If you frequently use your laptop while it’s plugged in, it’s a good idea to take out the battery after you’ve charged it to about 50–60%.
- Impatience gives your computer too much pressure it can’t handle, causing the operating system to freeze and the distortion of data.
- It’s not just the grid to blame for power surges, lightning can give you a hard time as it sends its pulses through cables and even phone wires.
- Remember, your computer needs an effective cooling system. Otherwise, you’re at risk of overheating and the interrupting functionality.
- For the operating system to run smoothly for many years, give it the treatment it deserves.
- Sleep and hibernation are only good when you’re using the gadget at home and don’t like to constantly wait for the system to fully boot (although it’s worth doing it from time to time).
- One thing that your laptop and computer both have in common is that they hate the Sun. Obviously, it can cause problems with overheating, and its rays can slowly, but surely, kill your display.
- What do the cables and power cords of your laptop look like? If they’re all twisted and bent or wrapped around something to keep them bundled, don’t expect them to serve you a long time.
- Heat is your laptop’s worst enemy, so keep your gadget cool on a flat and firm surface.
- When your power supply burns or gets lost, don’t go for a cheaper version or borrow your friend’s old charger to save money.
- If your disk is full but you don’t think you have too many programs installed, try using some tools that delete rarely used and temporary files.
- Ammonia-based, alcohol-containing substances can seriously damage the anti-reflective coating of your screen and shorten its lifespan.
- Whenever it’s possible, turn off the sound, keyboard backlight, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi if you can work offline.

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    Hey there guys, what’s the main purpose you use your computer for? Work, school projects or maybe games?

  • 3A1 projects and gadgets
    3A1 projects and gadgets

    my lap tops battery is not charging even after connecting with a power source So i removed battery and used directly Is it good?

  • Hiijack Gaming
    Hiijack Gaming

    Wait the red dot on the computer is it also on a phone it happens when i used it at night

  • Lassy

    52 likes 52 comments....oh wait...not anymore ...what the heck......for games

  • Bryan Skinner
    Bryan Skinner

    So what with battery most new laptop won't let you remove their battery

  • Sanjay Rohi
    Sanjay Rohi

    Work, school projects and game playing. Most of the condition I would like to play games because it remove boring mood.

  • zulu67

    most of these computer problems seem to follow laptops the most, usually if you have a desktop like me though the only things that you have to worry the most about were keeping it clean from the inside that way it always runs cool, clean off the peripherals and replace the monitor and speakers once every few years, but things like the power supply, you can literally buy any good power supply from any reputable manufacturer, desktop systems don't care about the wattage so much, its the quality of the unit itself that matters the most, as long as it is 80+ certified, that's usually more than good enough.

  • Bogdan Alexandru Burcă
    Bogdan Alexandru Burcă

    How can i let my laptop always plugged in if the battery is not user removable? Should I have a screwdriver in my backpack all the time?

  • Hawk 425
    Hawk 425

    We could do all of this, IF LAZINESS HADN'T EXIST

  • Ibtasam Hasan
    Ibtasam Hasan

    i like the 4th one because some years ago my laptop charger was broken so i don't get the real one and i used a cheap power adapter so one day the laptop battery was dead

  • Jovenus

    Don't let your younger siblings (preschooler and gradeschooler) play on your laptop. They'll smash it to pieces if they kept loosing the game they play especially dark souls.

  • Ke vin
    Ke vin

    I broke all of these and I'm still using the laptop that I bought last 7 years.

  • Peter Mwangi
    Peter Mwangi

    what about laptops with internal batteries (non-removable ones), what should I do if my laptop is always connected?

  • Rajitha lakshan
    Rajitha lakshan

    every time I give fully care & attention to my devices, it will broke soon.

  • Adarsh Shukla
    Adarsh Shukla

    A lot of Info given here is wrong. Please dont follow blindly. Latest laptops comes with smart circuits who cut power to your battery and connect laptop directly to ac power and when your battery is fully charged you dont have to pull it out and put in fridge.

  • NicolasPlayz

    my pc cooler is so bad that my pc can raise to a 101 degrees celsius XD

  • Alex Aly
    Alex Aly

    I don’t think i can use my laptop anymore after these advices from Bright Side 😂