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Video: 5 Natural Ways To Shrink And Heal Hemorrhoids

02/21/2016 02:39 96 Rutube For complete hemorrhoid care information visit us. Find out how to shrink hemorrhoids fast naturally and prevent further hemorrhoid flare-ups. No one likes to talk about hemorrhoids, but prolonged suffering from these swollen anal canal veins is much worse than the embarrassment of talking about them. So in this article and the above video we discuss how to shrink hemorrhoids fast, with emphasis on how to take care of the problem naturally using home remedies.. avoiding the need for any kind of surgical intervention if at all possible. To avoid future hemorrhoid flare-ups you may have to look beyond the symptoms, towards the interior (the cause) of the problem. The best way to shrink hemorrhoids is to use a multi-action plan approach for BOTH of the following : • Immediate care (shrinking hemorrhoids) • Longer term care (preventative measures to ensure they NEVER return) How to Shrink a Hemorrhoid Quickly - 5 Tips For Immediate Care and Relief 1. Apply ice packs (or cold compresses) on your perineum several times a day for 10 minutes at a time. 2. Are You In Pain Passing Stools?.. It's vital to avoid constipation, overly hard stools and painful bowel movements. This can only make hemorrhoids worse. Adding natural stool softening foods to your diet will solve this problem. Fish Oils (for omega-3 fatty acids) , Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Flax Seeds will improve the functionality of the excretory system, while offering a range of additional health benefits. Vegetables (particularly greens), fruit (especially bananas, prunes and berries) , and plenty of fresh clean water (around 6 - 8 glasses a day to avoid dehydration) 3. A sitz bath is a warm, shallow bath that cleanses the perineum. Taking a sitz bath several times a day helps reduce swelling, promotes faster healing, and prevents the possibility of infection. 4. Hemorrhoid Supplements... The best hemorrhoid supplements use a blend of approved herbs and natural ingredients to help shrink external or internal hemorrhoids. They give symptomatic relief while also addressing the underlying causes. Hemorrhoid supplements promote colon and digestive health, improved venous circulation and a strengthening of the soft tissues. 5. Hemorrhoid Creams and Suppositories... Hydrocortisone (steroid medication) rectal creams and suppositories can be effective but should be used with caution, and only on a short term basis. Discuss with your health care provider before use. Alternatively, natural hemorrhoid creams and suppositories are available. The best natural options are safer and often equally as effective. How Long do Hemorrhoids Take to Shrink ? By using the first 3 methods alone - cold compress, sitz baths and avoiding any further damage through the pain of passing hard stools, it's possible to drastically relieve and shrink swollen hemorrhoids in 7 to 10 days. However, if you want them to shrink faster, you should use it in combination with a hemorrhoid supplement like Venapro, for quicker results and the additional benefits described above. Whether you have a recurring hemorrhoid problem or this is your first case, you can benefit from learning how to shrink hemorrhoids fast at home. You shouldn’t have to make a trip to the doctor every time you have a flare-up. Instead, it's vital to be aware of the most important natural treatment options that can be so effective, and help you avoid so much of the pain and discomfort that comes with external hemorrhoids or internal hemorrhoids. For more information on best practices for hemorrhoid care, pay us a visit (see the link at the top of this article).

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