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Video: A Man Proved That Your Stool Might Save Your Life in the Arctic

VIDEO: A Man Proved That Your Stool Might Save Your Life in the Arctic
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The life of this Danish explorer was full of wild adventures that Hollywood action movies can’t even compare to. Peter Freuchen was born in 1886, in Denmark. His father was a wealthy businessman who hoped that his son would have a respectful career. At first, Freuchen obeyed his father’s wish and went to the University of Copenhagen to study medicine. But soon he realized that an ordinary life just wasn’t for him; he craved danger. And he got what he wanted!

Freuchen dropped out of the university and joined one of Arctic expeditions. As you can guess, life there was anything but easy. Imagine living in a hut where there’s no one within miles. Only frigid cold and, well, lurking wolves. And Freuchen didn't know that two years of studying medicine would save his life one day...

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A guy from a rich family goes to the Arctic 0:28
Polar bear attack 2:18
What cost him a leg 3:08
How your feces can save your life 4:37
Surgery without anesthesia 6:04
Freuchen gets into the film industry 7:38
Execution? No, thanks. 8:24
How Freuchen’s life ended 9:00

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- In 1906, he and some other members of the Denmark expedition sailed north as far as possible, then left the ship and continued traveling 600 miles (966 km) by dogsled, exploring the uncharted wilderness of Greenland and the North Pole.
- During the expedition, which lasted 2 years, he met with the Inuit people. They taught him their language and took him to hunt walruses, whales, seals, and even polar bears.
- When the expedition was over, Freuchen came back home to Denmark, but only for a very short time. In 1910, Peter, together with Rasmussen, established the Thule Trading Station at Cape York, Greenland, to serve as a trading port.
- Trade was too boring for Freuchen and Rasmussen, so they started to explore the island actively. During their stay with the Inuit, they explored most of the territory, travelling more than 6,200 miles (10 000 km) on a dogsled.
- Without any anesthesia or painkillers, Freuchen had to amputate his toes on his own.
- Soon he returned to Denmark and went to see a doctor. Unfortunately, the doctor had to amputate his leg, and Freuchen ended up with a peg.
- Hollywood was interested in the books about Freuchen’s experiences in The Arctic, and wanted to make a movie based on them. Freuchen helped to write the screenplay, translated the dialogue into Inuit language, worked as an interpreter on set.
- But when the Second World War broke out, Freuchen joined the resistance movement and fought against the invaders. Because of this, he was caught and sentenced to be executed. However, Freuchen managed to escape.
- He decided to go on another trip to Alaska. But he had a heart attack while walking up the steps to the plane in Anchorage, Alaska. Freuchen’s life ended at the age of 71.

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    I know a homeless veteran that became a landlord though he found himself owning only the clothes he was wearing many times. He also went to college and earned an engineer certification top of his class while still homeless. He also passed the NABCEP federal test. He moved to Puerto Rico. Now he exposes on a local paper the abuse and methods of the authorities that put him in that situation. No kidding

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    I have heard of Roald Amundsen, a famous Norwegian explorer and the first men to reach the South Pole. I would be glad if you would do a video about him.

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