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Video: A Woman Believed the Vase Had a Good Luck But It Turned Out to Be the Opposite

VIDEO: A Woman Believed the Vase Had a Good Luck But It Turned Out to Be the Opposite
06/11/2019 10:45 3.1K 157 147.4K

This vase looked like nothing special. If you saw it somewhere in an antique store, you’d hardly give it a second glance. And still, for such an inconspicuous object, the Basano Vase supposedly carries a horrible curse. The vase itself is a paradox. Even though numerous websites list it as one of the most haunted objects in history, people know almost nothing about the vase itself or its whereabouts. However, there IS something that is known.

The first mention of the vase goes back to the 15th century. Legend has it that this piece of art was crafted in a small Italian town. It was supposed to be a wedding gift for a beautiful young bride delivered to her anonymously the night before the wedding. The woman believed it was a sign of good luck, but the vase turned out to be quite the opposite...

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Dead Bride 0:46
Chain of tragic events 1:29
The story gets even more puzzling 2:24
“Beware! This vase brings death" 3:10
An endless trail of death 3:56
What put an end to it all 5:12
Where's the vase now? 6:52
Why the whole legend is a little questionable 7:21

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- The bride never appeared at her own wedding – she was found lying on the floor in her room, dead, the vase clutched tightly in her cold hands. Her untimely demise was never explained.
- Not long after the incident with the bride, another family member got hold of the Basano Vase. Unfortunately, that person didn't have much time to enjoy the exquisite silver jar because they passed away shortly afterwards.
- According to some records, an enigmatic priest was the one to lock the artifact away. Other people believe that the family simply buried the vase and tried to forget about this nightmare.
- Nothing was heard about the vase for several centuries. That is, until one fateful day in 1988, when the cursed object reared its ugly head again, bringing along its familiar friends: mystery and tragedy.
- There’s no specific location or even name, but it's said that a young man dug the vase up in his back yard. The details of this discovery vary from story to story.
- Its new owner was a pharmacist. But the mysterious curse had already found its next victim. Only three months later, the pharmacist fell to some mysterious ailment.
- The vase continued to change hands, leaving a seemingly endless trail of death in its wake. It's unclear how many more lives the vase claimed, but one sale seemed to put an end to it all!
- At first, things went as usual: the new owner succumbed to some quick and mysterious illness after coming into possession of the vase. But this time, their family didn’t sell it.
- The police did what anyone else would: they offered it to a museum. But the vase’s reputation was already well known, so no museum would take it.
- In any case, after museums refused to take the vase, it's said that the police got rid of it. But again, opinions differ and the details are unclear.
- Any sources you find have the same vague descriptions of the bride, the anonymous 1988 man, pharmacist, doctor, archeologist, police officer – all unnamed.
- It's obvious that there is much more to the Basano Vase than the stories tell us. Its inexplicable origin and untimely demise of those who owned the object look like something of either sheer coincidence or pure legend.

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    Hey there, BrightSiders, does this story seem spooky?

  • Melon Girl
    Melon Girl

    Yeah it was scary I guess... and I always learn something new when I watch your videos!

  • Consuelo Galdo
    Consuelo Galdo

    BRIGHT SIDE outch I found out da vase is a heart shape my first impression this am.!.. and thats it! a clue to find answer to the mystery object!

  • Van Ton
    Van Ton

    Pls show ur face and that is not scary

  • Kiwi Kawaii
    Kiwi Kawaii

    Who else searched for a photo of the vase right after the video ended? Meee!!!🙋‍♀️😂

  • M S Khan
    M S Khan

    Just just how how did it happen

  • Vidhi Jhaveri
    Vidhi Jhaveri

    Wow seems like the color white was the pioneer to spread the diffusion of the vase to death amongs other color wearing people..

  • bilal yusuf
    bilal yusuf

    Maybe it was made from lead or some other toxic material that was added to the silver

  • Galaxy - Chan
    Galaxy - Chan

    Maybe it was with germs. They might need to clean it. The person maybe was sick

  • Alana Turner
    Alana Turner

    Pawn Stars That's what this video reminds me of Kind of Similar too Pandora box

  • Noah Gomez
    Noah Gomez

    Maybe the curse possesed them to death

  • Dina Park
    Dina Park

    I don't want to believe this. But when museums dosen't want it you know it's bad luck...

  • Blink Sammy JOY
    Blink Sammy JOY

    Who even made that vase?! And I actually went on google and searched "basano vase" and there is only just one picture