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Video: Airplane Medical Emergency | WE COULDN'T LAND! | Wednesday Checkup

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Well, this flight was exciting, to say the least! Luckily it was a learning experience for both me and Matt! Whenever you have an airplane medical emergency doctors do have an ethical but no legal obligation to help. After this event, I thought it might be nice to do a dedicated video to Airplane Medical Emergencies and in general what is expected of doctors and passengers. If you're game for that please let me know in the comments!

Thanks, Defranco for the shoutout! Check out his channel here:

Link to Daily Mail article:

If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Doctor Reacts Series & Responding to Comments so please submit more names of shows/episodes & questions you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!

- Doctor Mike Varshavski

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  • DaddyDestroysDick

    - Is there a medical professional on the plane? *anti-vaccine mother walks up with essential oils*

  • LexifromZargon

    dr mike: watching dr house pfff so unrealistic. actualy lives an episode dr mike : suprised pikachu face

  • Brianna Belle
    Brianna Belle

    “Present in animals but not humans” you’re saying he could still eat humans...

  • Yos

    "Is there a doctor on board?!" *Dr. Mike comes stumbling down the isle, no shoes, hoodie, lookin like he hasn't slept in 40 years*: "YOU GOT THE TICK MEAT ALLERGY PAL, IM GONNA NEED SOME GLASS!"


    How Delta didn't IMEDIATELY reach out to Dr. Mike and have a 'consultation' meeting with him about how to better improve their medical kits – especially regarding EpiPens – is beyond me.

  • WINZey 225
    WINZey 225

    “Not all heroes wear capes some wear very tight shirts” ~Someone 2019

  • xXNugget_QueenXx

    Flight attendant: “it’s your choice the make an emergency landing.” everyone on the plane intensely stares at Mike

  • king arshad
    king arshad

    Imagine your doctor watching YouTube tutorial before your operation 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • ToggleCheat

    Its almost annoying how perfect this guy is

  • I love BTS 3000
    I love BTS 3000

    Flight attendant: help! Is there a doctor on board? Dr.Mike: peEewHooOoP

  • Christopher Atkins
    Christopher Atkins

    Flight attendant: “Is there a doctor on board?” Dr. Mike: “CHEST COMPRESSIONS, CHEST COMPRESSION, CHEST COMPRESSIONS!”

  • PureLionn

    is a story about saving someone's life me: probably can't get any more impressive than that literally opens with "on my way to Israel to work with a non profit- me: well god damn it did

  • Sammy W
    Sammy W

    I worked in Allergy/Immunology for 9 years. We do have EpiPens in the cabinet in case there's not enough time to draw up an epi injection but 99% of the time I draw up from the ampule like Dr. Mike did. It's the same med, concentration, etc but cheaper. 1 ampule holds 1mL. I draw up 2 syringes of 0.3mL or if it's a child 0.15mL. If I have a pt with oral symptoms, for example I hear them start clearing their throat or coughing, I'll ask how they're feeling (swelling? itchy? breathing?) look in their throat and no visible swelling but they describe throat discomfort. Usually 0.3mL is what I'll give (along with something by mouth, usually zyrtec, prednisone, depending on symptoms) and wait 10 minutes or so. If I already see swelling or they're having trouble breathing/speaking/swallowing (swelling down through airway) I go ahead and give 0.6mL. This is an emergent situation and the higher dose is warranted. HERE IS WHAT I WANT ALL MY PATIENTS TO KNOW. EpiPens come in a 2 pack for a reason. Do NOT separate them! Ex: Parents: Don't keep one at home and send one to school with your child. The whole pack goes to school and a whole pack stays at home. A lot of my patients that receive that first 0.3mL need a 2nd dose 10-15 minutes later. Along with further IV meds/fluids. The epinephrine's purpose to keep you alive until an ambulance can take you to the hospital and you can receive that additional support. If you only have 1 pen with you. That is valuable time lost holding off that reaction until you receive support. This is also why ALL patients are told that if you need to use your EpiPen you MUST IMMEDIATELY call for an ambulance. Do not try to drive yourself to the hospital or wait to call 911 because you feel better after receiving a dose. Sorry I'm a little aggro about this but I've found that a lot of physicians do not give their EpiPen patients this information about the 2 pen per pack reasoning/rule. ALSO! If you are in an emergent situation and your EpiPen is expired use it anyway! There was a little girl local to us and the 911 dispatcher told mom over the phone not to use her expired EpiPens on her child. Ambulance did not get there in time. In an emergency use everything available to you. There are worse things than taking an expired med. Like dying. Small detail as well: you don't have to undress someone to give an emergency dose of epinephrine. Don't waste precious time removing pants. Give the injection right through their jeans or whatever they're wearing. Another small thing but your physicians should already know this: EpiPen is only a brand name and yes it is expensive. If your insurance will not cover an EpiPen there are other types you can request and a lot of insurances will cover a generic auto-injector pen. The packaging will look different, the way to use it will be a little different but they're still simple to use and are pre-filled doses for convenience. Yes the EpiPens are nicer but for my patients that can't afford them and need to have epinephrine at home these are an option. Ok.. sorry. That's all I have. I hope this helps someone. I know I probably look crazy. I just don't want anyone to die due to lack of information and allergies are becoming a lot more common and also frequently underestimated for how quick and deadly they can be. When in doubt use your EpiPens!

  • Talia Richer
    Talia Richer

    flight attendants: is there a medical professional on board? dr mike: YOU RANG!?

  • Lola James
    Lola James

    Mike watching doctor shows: that’s so far fetched that would never happen Medical emergency on plane Mike: this is my time

  • Edward Yeo
    Edward Yeo

    "how does house know all of this? That's impossible". - Dr Mike Then this video and his process of thinking explained

  • Rob Fraser
    Rob Fraser

    "We have to get this woman to a hospital!" "A hospital? What is it?" "It's a big building with patients but that's not important right now."

  • Piper Farrell
    Piper Farrell

    I’m an EMT and they stopped supplying epi pens on the ambulance because they’re too expensive so they now us the epi that you used and your story makes me even more angry about it because I wasn’t even told how different they are and that what we are supplied with are for cardiac arrests. Thank you for making this video, hopefully they will bring epi pens back because it’s not about the money, it’s about the patients