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Video: Ascended Super Saiyan Explained

VIDEO: Ascended Super Saiyan Explained
04/12/2019 10:23 4K 99 74.9K

WHAT IS ASCENDED SUPER SAIYAN aka Super Saiyan Grade 2 Explained or Super Saiyan Stage 2 Explained? The form we saw during Super Vegeta vs Cell aka Vegeta vs Semi Perfect Cell was a Super Saiyan Upgrade. We talk Dragon Ball Z Ascended Saiyans and more.



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Comments (551)
  • Éire-ice36

    First, Grade 4 is not a real grade, because it's the mastery of the base SSJ form. Second, the second and third grade are forms that I believe pumps more energy into the first SSJ form, it's doesn't transform the SSJ form to the next stage and it's over all less effective.

  • Lorenzo Nunez
    Lorenzo Nunez

    I always thought the lightning surrounding Super Vegeta had more to do with the Final Flash than his form, per se.

  • LordoftheManor

    Nice to see a mention of the hair becoming a bit more wild/thick. That aspect of the design tends to get less remembered, due to the more noticeable bulking up of the form. Even the games seldomly alters the hair slightly for that form when it appears in them. I believe Budokai 1 had that extra attention to detail put into Super Vegeta's model, though.

  • Alex Crane
    Alex Crane

    7:31 But that isn't blue electricity, its yellowish white. Only Super Saiyan 2 gets blue.

  • Mr Lakiro
    Mr Lakiro

    Im lowkey glad your going through each Super Saiyan form, going into detail about each one

  • Franklin Whyte
    Franklin Whyte

    that was the attack not the transformation everyone knows the electric sparks come in at ssj2 and up

  • N7 Engineer
    N7 Engineer

    I used to call it Super Saiyan - Hyper Saiyan and Ultra Saiyan instead of ss - ss2 and ss3 I never considered buff saiyans as anything but a buff ssj.

  • Genesis Malakh
    Genesis Malakh

    Man, the electricity crackle doesn't mean anything. Even Nappa generated electrical sparks when he powered up.

  • Shay Scruggs
    Shay Scruggs

    But ascended super sayain sounds cooler so im going keep calling it that

  • KinnikuDash

    I always referred to it as Super Saiyan 1.5. That's how I saw it as a kid.

  • Demetrius Viverette
    Demetrius Viverette

    He actually lost because the form is to bulky lost of speed not energy consumption

  • yahweh, anthony
    yahweh, anthony

    Make a video of something that was explained over a decade ago ?

  • Chris Whitley
    Chris Whitley

    Vegeta couldve went further like trunks did but he realized the weaknesses of the form. Trucks just kept powering up. Vegeta didnt try to power up anymore. Trunks just kept goin & going. Gettin stronger but also getting slower.


    When you think about it hoffmann is one of the real og's

  • Maggot4680

    man I have to say, I've been a fan of DB for quite a while now and you sir have REALLY fuckin taught me a your knowledge of this series is actually insane

  • MephilesTheDark1987

    Do you think that since Goku can use god ki to enhance his regular SSJ transformation (Super Saiyan Blue), he can theoretically use it to enhance his OTHER transformations SSJ2, SSJ3)? Or is SSJ Blue a transformation separate/removed from the regular SSJ line?