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Video: Ascended Super Saiyan Explained

VIDEO: Ascended Super Saiyan Explained
04/12/2019 10:23 4.6K 114 93.9K

WHAT IS ASCENDED SUPER SAIYAN aka Super Saiyan Grade 2 Explained or Super Saiyan Stage 2 Explained? The form we saw during Super Vegeta vs Cell aka Vegeta vs Semi Perfect Cell was a Super Saiyan Upgrade. We talk Dragon Ball Z Ascended Saiyans and more.



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Comments (546)
  • luvanime680

    Geekdom do you have super sayian 2 transformation guide


    I HATED Vegeta during that period he made me so angry letting cell absorb C-18 I wanted to reach through the TV and choke him straight up Bart Simpson him

  • Carloswithac

    This dude is posting shit we knew in the 90s. Haha!

  • Deathculture

    This whole time I sortve assumed "ascended super saiyan" was another name for ssj2. Thanks for teaching me something new

  • Dark Storm
    Dark Storm

    8:51 I dunno. This doesn't seem like their muscles grew at all.

  • TurianShepard

    I've actually always though Super Saiyan Grade 2 sounds cooler than Ascended Super Saiyan! :)


    no one: not a single soul: geekdom101: ITS SUPER SAYAIN GRADE 2!!!

  • Ryan 1024
    Ryan 1024

    I thought he was in there for the equivalent of 2 years not 1

  • Vegitodraws 112938
    Vegitodraws 112938

    It isn't the transformation that gave him the lightning it was the Final Flash further proven by DBS

  • Mark Welch
    Mark Welch

    No the sparks are part of the Final Flash

  • Genesis Malakh
    Genesis Malakh

    I remember the "Ascended Saiyan" localisation confused me at the time, when I was a teenager, because I always thought of Vegeta's and Trunks' forms to technically be Super Saiyan 2, just like a subdued version of it, or like a cheat of sorts to achieve tapping into its power.

  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson

    I want to watch DBZ again so badly after watching this. I missed so many parts of episodes...missed out on so much useful information. Plus...we had the crappy Toonami Ocean version...(seemed like the voice acting got worse over time...all hail Ian Corlett)

  • Luke Webster
    Luke Webster

    My issue with this video is that you said that it is incorrect to call it "ascended", yet you've titled the video as just that. We're all human, we all make mistakes (if in fact that aas a mistake), but it's pretty contradictory.

  • Hercules Rockefeller
    Hercules Rockefeller

    goku does it again too in the buu saga when he is showing buu the different forms and shows buu SSJ3

  • Genesis Malakh
    Genesis Malakh

    Having read the manga only up to the end of the Freeza arc, I'm actually very interested to have learned that Vegeta stopped using this form by the Cell Games, in the manga. I never understood why Vegeta continued using it and didn't seem to develop at all, following his fight with Cell, despite having learned about how Goku and Gohan unlocked the greater Super Saiyan power and spending another year in the Room of Spirit and Time. I get why the animators chose to remain on-model for his newer look, but I'm glad that Toriyama, at least, addressed this, to some degree.

  • Éire-ice36

    First, Grade 4 is not a real grade, because it's the mastery of the base SSJ form. Second, the second and third grade are forms that I believe pumps more energy into the first SSJ form, it's doesn't transform the SSJ form to the next stage and it's over all less effective.