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Video: AUTONOMOUS Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren FIGHT: Dragon Ball Super Episode 110 ENGLISH DUB Thoughts

VIDEO: AUTONOMOUS Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren FIGHT: Dragon Ball Super Episode 110 ENGLISH DUB Thoughts
05/12/2019 10:47 3.3K 200 125.6K

AUTONAMOUS Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren DUBBED has finally aired on Adult Swim. I give my thoughts on the episode, the Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 English Dub thoughts, Jiren's voice, Jiren vs Goku, the script and more.



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Comments (1,140)
  • Majid

    It's just the song , everything else was fine

  • immoral
    immoral, it's just ultra instinct @funimation. Why do they have to keep implementing little pieces of shit into the dub it just makes it worse. Honestly who's going to copyright you for the use of two words

  • ObsessiveFanboy

    The dubbed song killed the entire mood....if they were going to do that they should've used a different singer or one of the Youtube covers.

  • Jay Santana
    Jay Santana

    Imagine how scary it would be if humans basically could learn ki like this .

  • LazloKatamari15

    You'd think that someone at funimation would delayed it, because hearing it really should've been delayed. That is if the broadcast issue theory issue isn't true.

  • Ross Thompson
    Ross Thompson

    Have you heard the GOOD English version of Ultimate Battle by We.B. It's been out for a while and I listen to it frequently. I wish they could have used that in the episode.

  • Michael Jacobs
    Michael Jacobs

    They use an instrumental version of Ultimate Battle multiple time in the series after this. They should have just used the instrumental version if they didn't want random Japanese singing mixed into the English dialogue.

  • Open Mind
    Open Mind

    So we are gonna forgive that they Made Omni King voice of Little Girls ?? Now they sound like Omni Queen .Also how pathetic was voice acting of the Clown Destructor ,he sound british not annoying which he was supposed to .Also Fat Brother's sound also wasn't that good & Android Sound like they have sex change operations.Jiren also sounding way too deep like 60 year old Guy

  • Mr Drake
    Mr Drake

    Man their gonna ruin the final episode if they use the Dub song

  • Meerkat

    They should've asked we.b to do the ultimate battle dub😂

  • EeVan Bubblez
    EeVan Bubblez

    They fucked up the battle song what they need to do like old dbz put some good rock music in the good fight scenes like they use to bring Bruce back

  • Adolwulf

    I’d have honestly preferred them to use a throw back song instead of an English ver of ultimate battle. Why not play on American nostalgia?

  • Ash Flexem'
    Ash Flexem'

    Use Japanese ultimate battle please funimation

  • Kyle Nason
    Kyle Nason

    Goku’s arms literally didn’t move in that scene.

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    Bruh they said Hit of the ELEVENTH UNIVERSE last episode 💀

  • Jacob Castellanos
    Jacob Castellanos

    Ok I have to say something about the clown from universe 11. He sounds like a black dude voice actor.

  • AjaxNetwork

    It is indeed going to be the new name for the form lol. Either way the name is redundant.