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Video: AUTONOMOUS Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren FIGHT: Dragon Ball Super Episode 110 ENGLISH DUB Thoughts

VIDEO: AUTONOMOUS Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren FIGHT: Dragon Ball Super Episode 110 ENGLISH DUB Thoughts
05/12/2019 10:47 3.2K 189 111.9K

AUTONAMOUS Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren DUBBED has finally aired on Adult Swim. I give my thoughts on the episode, the Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 English Dub thoughts, Jiren's voice, Jiren vs Goku, the script and more.



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Comments (1,121)
  • Ash Flexem'
    Ash Flexem'

    Use Japanese ultimate battle please funimation

  • Kyle Nason
    Kyle Nason

    Goku’s arms literally didn’t move in that scene.

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    Bruh they said Hit of the ELEVENTH UNIVERSE last episode 💀

  • Jacob Castellanos
    Jacob Castellanos

    Ok I have to say something about the clown from universe 11. He sounds like a black dude voice actor.

  • AjaxNetwork

    It is indeed going to be the new name for the form lol. Either way the name is redundant.

  • Malik G
    Malik G

    I said the same exact thing , you can tell frames were dropping like flys

  • Zukka 88
    Zukka 88

    The scream was not what I expected

  • nick13b

    And the voice actor for whis really didn't sound genuine when goku went u.i

  • nick13b

    Lol hate to burst your theory but other episodes have had frames cut as well. If you compare scene for scene from the last few episodes a frame here and there has been removed.

  • RaizeN

    The only thing i want in db is B L O O D

  • PatsDynasty

    It’s been 5 days since Geekdom has uploaded what in God’s name is going on folks

  • Chad's World
    Chad's World

    The dub cover song just killed the mood completely 😑😑😑

  • DivineMalzar

    I'm okay with everything in the episode... minus the song... I wish they'd have just left the Japanese version in :(

  • Thot Slayer 69
    Thot Slayer 69

    Me expects "ka ka kachi daze" What I got "fight fight" Got fukin disappointed

  • Brett Trunnell
    Brett Trunnell

    Geekdom101 I think it's time to come to terms that dragon ball is not coming back this year. I still think you are the most credible person in the community but bro I think your sources had bad info. I dont think it's in production. I think that toei just doesnt want another GT problem where fans get bored or lose interest and the longer they wait to come out with a new series the more people will be excited about its return. I dont think it will be a decade but I would put my money on a 2020 release.