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Video: Average Andy with the L.A. Rams Cheerleaders

VIDEO: Average Andy with the L.A. Rams Cheerleaders
11/07/2018 06:34 44.9K 695 1.9M

Ellen sent her Executive Producer Andy to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to train and perform with the Los Angeles Rams cheerleading squad! Watch as Average Andy dons the uniform and goes on the field during the Rams vs. Green Bay Packers game.
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Comments (1,092)
  • Tika Banks
    Tika Banks

    I love how the cheerleaders gave him encouragement.

  • Alpine_Vulcan

    Fun fact, those cheerleaders are being paid about $10/hr.

  • Sicily !
    Sicily !

    Andy is the best 1like = one more emotional support person 🕺🏼

  • Mofe Adeyemi
    Mofe Adeyemi

    🎵He's super duper awesome in what he does but he's average in every other way🎵 😂😂