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Video: Bardock's Crew in Dragon Ball Super Broly EASTER EGG

VIDEO: Bardock's Crew in Dragon Ball Super Broly EASTER EGG
02/09/2019 06:23 2.9K 116 75.1K

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Comments (663)
  • Devin Cavazos
    Devin Cavazos

    I think they should make another movie specially about burdock and his crew. Same color armor and everything, just tweak the story a little bit. I didn’t like that saiyan armor was mostly yellow in the Broly movie. Should’ve kept everyone’s iconic armor the same

  • Jose Santana
    Jose Santana

    That’s the first thing I noticed when I saw the scene

  • Damien Dumb dumb
    Damien Dumb dumb

    Beerus was also scared of the ledgandary super saiyan and he knew king cold so he told them and frieza destroys plant vegeta

  • Michael Mclellan
    Michael Mclellan

    I wish they didn’t change bardocks outfit. The green armor with the blood stained bandana is so bad ass.

  • Bartek

    03:46-03:47 So saving the universe from over 9000 SSJs is consirded being "up to no good"?

  • nabil chowdhury
    nabil chowdhury

    Not trying to start a war in the comments, but the canon version of Goku’s origin is the same as Superman’s basically. Think about it, Goku’s parents were aware that their world is doomed, so they sent their child away to survive. The only difference is one blew up as a result of an unstable core and the other blew up because of Space Hitler.

  • Negarax

    Maybe there will be a director's cut where deleted cutscenes

  • Andrew Parker
    Andrew Parker

    We should have got the three hours script toriyama originally had in mind.I'm pretty sure all of us would have sat through three hour-long dragon Ball super movie.

  • Roberto Blake
    Roberto Blake

    I wonder what happened to the Saiyans we see with Nappa, Vegeta and Radditz? We saw there were in fact more Saiyans with them

  • Andrew Linares
    Andrew Linares

    Is it possible that there are deleted seems for the blue ray release?

  • Khristian Vazquez
    Khristian Vazquez

    My question is what happened to the other 2 saiyans that were with nappa raditz and vegeta

  • Donovan Delaney
    Donovan Delaney

    I bet Fasha and Jean are close best girlfriends. Just like Elsa and Anna.

  • TNT

    I don't want them to do redo the Broly story in the anime but if they added something like this to it then it would be worth it.

  • Jaeda Elijah
    Jaeda Elijah

    In the beginning of the Broly movie when the "Cold Force" just touched down on Planet Vegeta King Cold mentions "Frieza is more colder than I'am" or something to that affect and Frieza does he's iconic laugh, the very next shoot shows a back close up of TWO SAIYANS behind King Vegetas entourage that look EXACTLY like Fasha and Tora to the left of the screen. I honestly think its them. That has to be an Easter Egg.

  • Righteous Freed
    Righteous Freed

    OKAY...but can we talk about what race recoome is since goku didnt fight him till i think like 30~ ish years after the planet was destroyed and recoome hadnt aged at all???

  • OverWeight Gerbil
    OverWeight Gerbil

    I wish they would have kept the bandana soaked in blood scene. I thought that was a nice touch.

  • Mr420Spy

    there was one saiyan , who i thought had a 3rd eye like Tien.