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Video: Box of Lies with John Cena

VIDEO: Box of Lies with John Cena
10/10/2018 07:06 44.7K 749 3.1M

John Cena and Jimmy take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.

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Box of Lies with John Cena


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Comments (1,545)
  • vertigo

    They should put 2 celebs against each other Jimmy plays this too much so he'd know how to fake and he'd know when someone's lying

  • Abby O.Y
    Abby O.Y

    I cringed when I knew what the meaning of the joke people.

  • Jake Swinney
    Jake Swinney

    He’s so good at this game he can play against an opponent he can’t even see.

  • amy parra
    amy parra

    A pantsless Fonz... cracked me up!

  • GYJennyXD34

    Yeahhhhh he wasn’t too good at that lol

  • Sony X
    Sony X

    Who thinks of these props 😂

  • I Web
    I Web

    It’s weird to see John Cena having a full load of hair!!!

  • Jenna Coralenne
    Jenna Coralenne

    legends says.. that until now six guy's number still hasn't been chosen.. forever six guy

  • Amy Eliza
    Amy Eliza

    You should re do this but just have them do the explanation without laughing. #straightfaceexplanation

  • Bhanuka Amarasinghe
    Bhanuka Amarasinghe

    They say “box of lies with John Cena” but there is only jimmy. There are telling lies to us because it’s “box of lies”

  • Beast1431

    Jimmy knew that lipstick was more then what it was. Game rigged confirmed

  • Ava Roesler
    Ava Roesler

    whoever created those monstrosities in those boxes is a literal psychopath

  • András Ács
    András Ács

    Jimmy obviously knows the objects, the lipstick opening gave it away. Apart from going for opening it, he wasn't surprised at all.