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Video: Box of Lies with John Cena

VIDEO: Box of Lies with John Cena
10/10/2018 07:06 22.3K 469 1.4M

John Cena and Jimmy take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.

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Box of Lies with John Cena


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Comments (1,146)
  • BOBofGH

    Does anyone else watch this and think up of lies they might tell if they ever played?

  • Bearfoot In Da Park
    Bearfoot In Da Park

    *insert really-really old, overused John Cena joke (You can't see me!") here* and go fuck yourself.


    This is a comment I saw somewhere, but Imagine John Cena saying " You Can't See Me" to a blind child.


    World still hasn't changed. There are still so many people who can't see John Cena.

  • Oliver sobhi Zakhary
    Oliver sobhi Zakhary

    Anyone else freaked out, that the boxes on the left, were levitating on its own?

  • Jaida Somera
    Jaida Somera

    Since when did John Cena have hair??? dats my question

  • Primo

    If no one has ever seen those objects shouldn't john cena be in one of those boxes?

  • Unknown Justin
    Unknown Justin

    Dude Jimmy’s first round was so played out as pretending to make it up that it couldnt have been more obvious that he was telling the truth

  • Vincent Tolve
    Vincent Tolve

    99% of the comments ‘you can’t see me’ jokes 1% is people complaining about the jokes

  • Vincent Tolve
    Vincent Tolve

    How are the boxes on the left floating I don’t understand

  • Jon Carlson
    Jon Carlson

    I saw in the title that John Cena was going to be in this video but I don’t know where he is?

  • Jay Cray
    Jay Cray

    Box of lies with Dwayne the rock Johnson 🤩🙏🤞💪🔥

  • signature two
    signature two

    If I get 1000 subscribers, I will propose to my wife

  • Just Passingby
    Just Passingby

    John Cena will definitely not be able to win against Kevin Hart due to him being a bad liar. Heck, Kevin Hart will have a clean sweep, no contest.

  • gamekidg7

    I feel like Cena gave too many details on the car one, so it was easy for someone to recognize it as a lie.