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Video: Broly's Redemption.

VIDEO: Broly's Redemption.
10/09/2018 13:50 3.7K 102 96.5K

Will Broly Turn GOOD in Dragon Ball Super Broly? What is the future of Broly AFTER Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie? Will Goku and Broly Be Friends? What if Broly was a Z Fighter? CHECK JAXBLADE:



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Comments (1,534)
  • bahlders

    From the future: Broly has nothing to do with Universe 6, Broly now isn’t a bad guy also he canon now, canon is now different but just slightly

  • Miles Storzillo
    Miles Storzillo

    I sure hope he stays a good guy. Don't make me hate him just when I'm about to cheer for him.

  • swaido1212 concious trend
    swaido1212 concious trend

    He'll nah it's not a bad idea....they need broly for a trio of sayiens.....they wished back all the other planets and universes which created new and more powerful enemies goku and vegeta can't keep going up against new enemies and eventually win shit gets boring a new fighter to help is new

  • The New
    The New

    Bad idea, there is no doubt about that in my mind. It just doesn’t fit his character or personality in even the slightest bit, I think it would be a major disservice to his character. It’s also very cliche. He’s going to be a somewhat sympathetic character, no doubt, but he won’t necessarily go down the path of complete redemption.

  • King Stallion
    King Stallion

    If broly don't join the main cast this is a waste of a movie and honestly I'm still pissed they brought Frieza back for the tournament instead of cell he would have been more interesting because not only does he have saiyan cells he has Friezas as well which both have God capabilities

  • Ahsan Khan
    Ahsan Khan

    Fucking no. Broly should be just a movie villian. He has no fucking personality. He needs a character to work off of,like paragus and like kale has caulifla.

  • ShiniDragon777

    Good? Probably not. A neutral factor who does whatever he wants? I'd be down for that 100%

  • Gohanburner

    I've been watching the Dragonball franchise since the early 90's. Never in my life have I been more excited for a Dragonball movie than I am for this one. Ever.

  • thunderstudent

    To be fail, DBZ Movie Broly was humiliated when Goku's crying upset him, nearly killed by King Vegeta, had his planet destroyed in front of him and has his dad try to control him his entire life. The New DBS Broly seems to have been sent away by King Vegeta in this timeline with his dad as some sort of contingency plan against Frieza. At least that's what I got from the trailer. This Broly isn't as physiologically scared as the original. So as fun as old school Broly is I'm interested to see if a more mentally and emotionally stable Broly could become good..

  • The Big G
    The Big G

    Broly will end up teaming up with Chirai to become Space Bonnie and Clyde

  • its sticknodea X
    its sticknodea X

    Omg omg broly could probably hang out with goten and trunks and be like there protecter kinda thing that would be awesome

  • its sticknodea X
    its sticknodea X

    Also I feel like it should kinda be like a Majin boo and hurcule thing

  • its sticknodea X
    its sticknodea X

    Yes bro he should become good because we need someone else like if vegeta can do it he can

  • james wilson
    james wilson

    Lol Broly hits Goku so hard he remembers leaving planet vegeta.... Nuff said..

  • Meyer Blignaut
    Meyer Blignaut

    Prediction. This movie vegita will find out beerus gave permission to frieza to destroy the planet. Then, beerus will become his rival, even more than goku. Geekdom pls share what do you think what kinda arc/saga will follow after the movie

  • Norbert Hegedus
    Norbert Hegedus

    Hmmm interesting. I kinda like to see Broly as a Z fighter :)