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Video: Broly's Redemption.

VIDEO: Broly's Redemption.
10/09/2018 13:50 3.6K 96 89.8K

Will Broly Turn GOOD in Dragon Ball Super Broly? What is the future of Broly AFTER Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie? Will Goku and Broly Be Friends? What if Broly was a Z Fighter? CHECK JAXBLADE:



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Comments (1,597)
  • Norbert Hegedus
    Norbert Hegedus

    Hmmm interesting. I kinda like to see Broly as a Z fighter :)

  • javmafia

    It would be cool to see a three way rivalry with Vegeta, Goku and broly but I thought he was supposed to die already but oof

  • wade Fuller
    wade Fuller

    I think ,the broley after the fight realize he ain't just stronger than Universal like he thinks he is like that before that.

  • Richard Bug
    Richard Bug

    If broly becomes a regular I reckon he should be a character not to have a romance I mean c'mon broly does not look like the guy who is into romance and all that lame shit.

  • D_N

    Spin off series about Freeza that tell the story how Freeza came to power & start conquering planets also maybe a good idea

  • Xavier Roberts
    Xavier Roberts

    What if, Broly was the evildoers that killed Jirens parents

  • NeoSonic19

    Me and my brother were thinking that this Broly's fate will be different. Now the old version was a sadistic and maniacal person to the point where he had to be killed off by a last minute miracle.

  • Shadoweye: The Prowler of the Night
    Shadoweye: The Prowler of the Night

    So why should Broly be an anti-hero? Can’t he slowly grow to be one of the good guys or have an arc about his redemption or something? It’d honestly be kinda cool...

  • DrJoNeZ 97
    DrJoNeZ 97

    Trio De Saiyan's!...jokes aside, having Broly as the Hulk character would be quite interesting, when Goku and Vegeta are at their limits and are about to get killed, Broly just comes out the blue and completely demolishes them, and there's also a thing that could happen, Goku x Broly or Vegeta x Broly FUSION!

  • Riley Garraway
    Riley Garraway

    And I'm a fan of dragon ball super and you have to remember dragon ball super isn't part of dragon ball z so you have to change stuff when it's a new series

  • Riley Garraway
    Riley Garraway

    I think that would be cool if broly became part of main cast and became a part of z fighters

  • Bryan Villalta
    Bryan Villalta

    Hey geekdom do you think we will get to see a young raditz and Nappa or maybe young vegetas brother because it be weird presenting these characters in the future while not having any reference from the past. I’m a raditz fan lol it’s just ashamed that they forgot about him 😂

  • Justin Wells
    Justin Wells

    Well, if it works on Broly they might as well turn around and use it on Frieza too.

  • Ricardo Ortiz-Joseph
    Ricardo Ortiz-Joseph

    To be fair, original Broly was mentally ill and bat shit insane. This Broly doesn’t seem to have that issue.

  • Larry Rice jr
    Larry Rice jr

    So early on before we knew this was Broly in the movie, everyone was saying that was Yamoshi. Now that we know Broly is cannon now, what’s going to happen with the Yamoshi concept?