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Video: Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

VIDEO: Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?
01/09/2019 10:14 32.1K 1.4K 1.1M

Teens and their parents come together to discuss their relationships with technology and each other.
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Comments (4,071)
  • Angelica Romero
    Angelica Romero

    Idk why but i wanna see white parents vs POC parents (black, latino, asian, etc.) Because I always see them disagreeing with how to discipline

  • how tf you suck dick on accident
    how tf you suck dick on accident

    this was kinda boring to me. the kids seem like they’re in middle school. idk, these aren’t the type of teens i’m used to being around. with normal teens and random parents this would’ve been so much better.

  • dansker dude
    dansker dude

    can queer people and relegious peolpe see eye to eye

  • Melina Kacoyannakis
    Melina Kacoyannakis

    all these kids my age have such young parents... i’m 16 and my mam is 60...

  • Vogue Vibes
    Vogue Vibes

    Parents are so ignorant labelling teens as the ignorant ones

  • Okay Then
    Okay Then

    Please bring in high school students , these kids seem to be on the same level. i typically enjoy these discussions however this came off as artificial.

  • honey splash
    honey splash

    girl who are these rich ass prodigy kids smh bring in the regular teenagers that all wanna die lmao thats us

  • Colton Salsig
    Colton Salsig

    People 30 yeas ago could’ve gotten away with more or less than now days and vise versa, it all depends on how you go about it. People 30 years ago, their parents, didn’t catch onto a lot, those kids that are now parents, also don’t follow along, therefore, you can still get away with stuff.

  • Kenya Zuniga
    Kenya Zuniga

    Yes!!! I'm a young parent so literally in between these 😂 and I thought the older I was the more is know. WONG when you become a parent all that goes out the window 😂😂😂 it's like re training your brain to know little things for a child you'll be responsible for 18+ years

  • lilly

    they should have done more dysfunctional kids and parents. like teens that don’t get along with their mom or dad. it would have been more interesting tbh.

  • Paromita Roy
    Paromita Roy


  • heather

    they arent gonna say what theyve actually done in front of their parents

  • Anonymous John
    Anonymous John

    Should have been different parents.. Not their parents.

  • Lizzy Amborski
    Lizzy Amborski

    did anyone notice fanny was talking about how she had mateo early?? but if she’s 40 and he is 14 then she had him at 36....that’s not that early