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Video: Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

VIDEO: Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?
01/09/2019 10:14 40.4K 1.7K 1.5M

Teens and their parents come together to discuss their relationships with technology and each other.
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Comments (4,960)
  • Supernovii •
    Supernovii •

    They chose teens who are emotionally stable so i can’t relate to this

  • Sy

    haha the mum name is called fanny.

  • Vera Shek
    Vera Shek

    the moment isabella said she flies a plane i fangirled really hard

  • CaireBear

    Lol the mom was like "I didnt know you had instagram" *"oh, no I got did of it."* We all know he didn't.

  • Live Louder
    Live Louder

    The conversation probably would have been a lot more open, I think, because at the end of the day? These kids have to go home with their parents😂 I feel a lot of pressure happening and thr teens definitly following their parents

  • aubrey alvarez
    aubrey alvarez

    I was hoping he would say regional manager of Dunder Mifflin for a second.

  • Irli Beauty
    Irli Beauty

    Mateo and Fanny are mother and son goals, like.. for real.

  • Asim Shareef
    Asim Shareef

    Parents of kids with mental disorders (like autism, etc.) vs parents of “regular” kids

  • MexicanPonchos

    these teens are holding back because their parents are here. please do another one where they aren't related.

  • MexicanPonchos

    and include parents whos kids aren't teens yet and parents whose kids are adults now. that would make it more interesting cos of the different perspectives :)

  • Gemineye 2
    Gemineye 2

    I know so much more now at 27 than I did at 17. Those parents need to grow and try new things and learn new skills. I feel bad that they don't know that they have more knowledge than when they were kids, because it's impossible that they don't.

  • elena sara
    elena sara

    she’s a documentarian..? she EATS documentaries 🤢😖😔

  • bebes 02
    bebes 02

    Her dad just really give her a handshake instead of a hug. WOW

  • Lenny Lynch
    Lenny Lynch

    With the first statement, I think you learn more as you get older but at some point that slows down a lot and you start to lose that knowledge if you're not using it. Really, it varies. There are adults who are smarter than anyone else and adults who think vaccines cause autism and the Earth is flat. Same with teens.

  • Felicity

    Did not expect them to be related lmao