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Video: Can You REALLY Kick Out a Car Windshield?

VIDEO: Can You REALLY Kick Out a Car Windshield?
02/09/2019 12:57 30.6K 2K 3.2M

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Have you ever wondered how you would escape from a locked car? Today we're testing several different methods for breaking through car windows- which one will work the best?

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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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Comments (4,638)
  • Erin Lupica
    Erin Lupica

    Why didn't y'all test the headrest on the glass? I've heard that's why they make the ends sharp.

  • SugarKat

    Imagine if the person driving you swerved so much you went over the street barriers into the water underneath it and the car started to fill with water and you had to get out, honestly I don't think these would work at all under pressure

  • Whiteboard

    Lets all admit TKOR is now a total content farm 8/10 (10 being troom troom and 1 being a youtube animator)

  • Silent But Stealthy
    Silent But Stealthy

    Does anyone ever even notice that when they kicck out the windshield its already cracked alot

  • Benjamin Taylor
    Benjamin Taylor

    Why don’t cats have bumpers like bumper cars it would probably be safer

  • Serqothis

    The headrest had a glass breaker on the bottom meant for in a car crash you can take out the headrest (assuming its not stuck) and slam the bottom of it against the window a few times and it should break

  • Tieri Edwards
    Tieri Edwards

    Why would you put your credit card number on the video

  • gamer boy
    gamer boy

    MASTER LOGIC: Why use all one password when you can use 1 password to protect all your passwords Me: but if they find the dashlane password it's the same

  • Fire TAHER
    Fire TAHER

    4:55 to 4:59 zombies are coming scene