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Video: Chase Your Dreams!

07/10/2019 11:26 76.2K 3.7K 2.7M
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  • 838 ey
    838 ey

    You’ve done Fourth of July with Danny Duncan for years now and there’s none now :(

  • Its2Kay

    The intro looks like a toothpaste commercial 💀 In a good way!

  • Liam Glynn
    Liam Glynn

    Wow Danny could barely afford groceries in old videos now he’s #1 on trending 💪

  • Jake Staiano
    Jake Staiano

    I’m not surprised he spit out the toothpaste because he used ALOT of it.

  • John Crouch
    John Crouch

    Who else tried to skip the ad in the beginning then realized it was just Danny brushing his teeth

  • OG Fight night
    OG Fight night

    Whoever doesn’t like this comment will have gay disease

  • reddotsxight

    I like how his tickets cost less than His merch

  • Cophes

    Who is better Like=Benitez Comment=Danny

  • Matt R.
    Matt R.

    When you just about run out of things to watch on Youtube but Danny Duncan new vid pops up ur recommended

  • Isaiah Mrrieiwi
    Isaiah Mrrieiwi

    i thought it was a add till i saw his face then i said “ no that’s not it”


    Nobody: 10:56:when you bump into somebody on gta 5

  • Kristel C
    Kristel C

    no one: literally no one: Danny: Chase your dreams

  • parker2x

    aye Danny go buy washable spray paint and spray paint Frankie’s car and get his reaction and blame it on one of the short people

  • XxGODZ xX
    XxGODZ xX

    When the video started i thought i was watching a toothbrush ad.

  • Connxr

    Yo like if u want Danny to do a grocery shopping 6 👇🏽

  • Jack Limbo
    Jack Limbo

    Can we get a Danny Duncan “Monday motivation” where you talk about life tips on staying positive or talking about money and investment?