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Video: Chris Broussard thinks NBA players should get longer deals to stop trade demands | NBA | THE HERD

07/10/2019 08:21 2.3K 234 333.3K

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made recent statements about the NBA tampering rules and players forcing trades. Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to give his thoughts on the matter and states two ways to potentially stop players from demanding trades.

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Chris Broussard thinks NBA players should get longer deals to stop trade demands | NBA | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

Comments (630)
  • Viet Bui
    Viet Bui

    Why is everybody using julius Randle as an example? Iol

  • Bill Cook
    Bill Cook

    Why pick on Julius so much? He's a very good role player. He's at home like saying WTH

  • Neil Alderman
    Neil Alderman

    In what universe is Dwight Howard not a hall of famer ? Have they seen some of the credentials of current hall of famers

  • c holt
    c holt

    If Melo & CP3 a Hall of Famer. Dwight Howard gotta be a Hall of Famer. Dude made it to the finals once & was the best Center in the league for a 5 year stretch.

  • James Washin-Carter
    James Washin-Carter

    Kawhi must've learned from Machiavelli or from the Art of War; dude is truly an assassin.

  • natskis

    I'm old enough to remember when Colin didn't like Kawhi cause he was quiet ... Couldn't be the face of a franchise

  • Creux

    Lmao Paul George requested 2 trades in like 3-4 seasons. Smh

  • FBI

    Julius randle in everyone’s mouth these days

  • Ksv Sngh
    Ksv Sngh

    How is now one critiquing Paul George for being a quitter? He asked out of Indiana and then OKC. Oh wait for got he’s not lebron so no name calling!!! 😅

  • Fly_Shooter35

    So I’m confused ? How is Chris Paul a hall of famer but Dwight isn’t ! As far as accolades Dwight has Chris Paul beat ! And he’s made it to the finals !

  • MG23

    Without trades and players leaving in FA most teams would remain irrelevant forever. It is better for the league to have fans tune in to see their team than it is to have fans tune in to see certain players. Plenty of fans who would never have seen the Raptors win a title in their lives if Kawhi never went there. Plenty of NBA fans in New York with nothing to look forward to for years and now Brooklyn will be potentially relevant.

  • Raymond Acosta
    Raymond Acosta

    quoting skip baseless destroys your cred in milliseconds

  • Nathan

    Julius Randles name is in everyone’s mouth

  • Carl Kelly
    Carl Kelly

    NBA Hall of Fame is too easy to get in , it Should be reserved for the true greats like Jordan Stockton Russell bird and such

  • Kristofer Davis
    Kristofer Davis

    NBA offseason>NFL off season NFL reg season>NBA regular season Trade demands and free agency make the NBA headlines when the NFL isnt on. Hate it or love it, it's better for ratings.

  • Shoe Person
    Shoe Person

    How about instead of having a no trade clause when you sign a contract you have certain years where you have the option to be traded

  • Supreme Being
    Supreme Being

    yall betta put some respek on my man Julius Randles name....smdh

  • Daniel Browne
    Daniel Browne

    Everything kwahi did if LeBron do e that all the talk would be how this effected he's legacy

  • w j
    w j

    The media was so wrong on kawhi now they want longer contracts to stop trade demands because they all got exposed for having fake sources