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03/22/2021 09:36 10 Rutube

CRAZIEST AND MOST DANGEROUS FOOTBALL FANS Don't forget to subscribe — Hello everyone! Friends, we are glad that you visited the TOP-Football channel! Today we want to show you the most dangerous football fans that the whole world is afraid of! The video is going to be tough and we hope you're ready to drop in! Before our release begins, we ask you to subscribe to our channel and like this video! Done? Well, full speed ahead then! Millwall Psychos Near-football violence, like the game itself, originated in England since the 19th century. Back in those days, team supporters and players themselves often had violent fights after matches ending. But a relatively recent example from the second half of the twentieth century is the fans of the Millwall club, which became famous not due to big victories and trophies, but precisely because of the cruelty of its fans actions. The club was founded in 1885, and the Millwall fans movement began only 20 years after the team was formed. The Lion's original fanbase was based on tough workers from the London docks, for whom football, booze and brawls were the only entertainment after hard working days. What amount of strength these guys possessed? Well, for example, in 1965, during a match with Brentford, Millwall ultras threw a grenade at the opponent's goalkeeper! Fortunately, it was only a training one, so there was no explosion. The player managed to throw it away, but was still horrified by what had happened! Often, fans of the "lions" staged mass carnages in the stands, disrupted matches, forced rivals to close their stadiums and even terrorized entire cities! In the mid-1985, the Millwall psychos went to visit Luton Town and smashed everything they saw, from pubs to parked cars of local residents! The police forces were powerless, and those who tried to resist the crazy guests argued that they "could only be stopped with flamethrowers!" And what can we say about the feud between the fans of Millwall and West Ham! You probably already know very well about the matter, including from the feature film “Green Streets Hooligans”. England Football Association and the police have been fighting the psycho movement for many years and finally were able to stick to the guns. Eventually, the number of incidents involving Millwall fans dropped significantly, so now other teams, fans and their families are coming to the club's stadium without fear for their lives. Roma ultras vs Lazio ultras Los Chanchitos vs Gallinas Galatasaray ultras Grobari Now you ask us: who can be even more terrible than all the listed above ultras groups ?! We will simply answer - "Grobari", which in English means "gravediggers"! This is an ultras of the Serbian club Partizan, which is in conflict with another grand club, Crvena Zvezda. The reason is simple: both teams are located in Belgrade, and only one of them should rule the city! But because of the inhuman actions, the fans of “black and white” are considered much more crazy than their foes. At the end of the 1980s, Crvena Zvezda got a victory in one of the Belgrade derbies. After the final whistle, the team's fans ran onto the pitch to congratulate their players. “Grobari” refused to watch the celebrations of “red and whites” and also made their way to the pitch for a bloody battle. During the mass confrontation of fans, 17 police officers and 25 stadium stewards were injured. The conflicts of Partizan and Crvena Zvezda supporters take place not only before every face-to-face meeting of teams, but also on ordinary days! There are no restrictions. The parties usually use knives, bottles, fittings, and so on. By the way, a small remark: in the 90s, a surge of nationalism began at the stadiums of Yugoslavia, as a result of which some of the "Grobaries" joined the Serbian paramilitary organization "Tigers of Arkana", which later took part in hostilities during the war in Yugoslavia. It's definitely better to never cross paths with such guys! However, we’re back to football. Fatal outcomes of fights between the Partizan and Crvena Zvezda groups are not uncommon in Serbia. For example, in 1999, a 17-year-old Zvezda fan was killed by a flare gun that was fired from the sector of Partizan fans. And in 2010, some thugs from the side of "black and whites" went over to foreigners and killed Toulouse fan Brice Taton … As befits ultras, Grobari simply hate the police and homosexuals. They often fight law enforcement officials and disrupt LGBT parades in Belgrade. Worst of all, the killing sprees are almost natural to this crew! We have warned that the new episode will be intense enough, but we should take it as a lesson that football should unite us and remain a respectful game, around which there will be no violence at all! Let's not forget about mutual respect and the cost of precious human lives! TOP FOOTBALL CRAZIEST AND MOST DANGEROUS FOOTBALL FANS

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