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Video: David Dobrik Talks Dolan Twins, Kylie Jenner, and More | Memory Game

07/10/2019 10:10 63.3K 558 1.4M

David Dobrik has a lot of famous friends (Liza Koshy, Charlie Puth, and the Dolan twins, just to name a few) and he's dishing on his favorite memories with them all! The YouTuber stopped by the J-14 studios to play our memories game and is telling never-before-heard stories about everyone from Kylie Jenner to Jason Nash.

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  • Artificial Amateur
    Artificial Amateur

    David: “When I first met Emma... It was like meeting someone on crack.” Emma: “That’s the nicest thing anyone has every said about me!”

  • Erika Martinez
    Erika Martinez

    He said "I love the kid" talking about Charlie puth who is 27 years old meanwhile David is a baby 😂

  • The Soat
    The Soat

    Nobody: David Dobrik: He’s/She’s one of my favorites

  • Crystal Aurelia
    Crystal Aurelia

    David, an adult: jOhN sTaMoS iNvItEs Me ToO hIs AdUlT pArTiEs

  • Eric Valadez
    Eric Valadez

    This is the only way I can watch him for more than 4:20 secs

  • Bethany Flannery
    Bethany Flannery

    Who else knew exactly what memory he was talking about with the Dolan Twins before he even said anything 😂😂

  • natalie benneian
    natalie benneian

    This is honestly such a cute video, but I wish they put Natalie’s name in the bowl. David’s known her since they were kids and they’ve probably had very memorable moments together.

  • Kyla Sewell
    Kyla Sewell

    when you know all these memories cause you watch the vlogs 😂

  • Holly Johns
    Holly Johns

    David: idk if tanas engaged, SHES always hitting on me me: when is Tana NOT hitting on David ?

  • Mairead Lynn
    Mairead Lynn

    David talking about Liza makes me want to smile, cry, breakdown, and feel happy all at the same time. I miss Diza.

  • Baekchen Biased
    Baekchen Biased

    No one: Literally absolutely no one: David: Did you know Charlie Puth has perfect pitch ?

  • laura

    2:59 “Jason is like the male version of Liza, which is not a nice thing to say to Liza” 🤣💀

  • Jennifer Kelly
    Jennifer Kelly

    If we promise David that we won’t make relationship comments will he start filming with Liza again?

  • Boring Ben
    Boring Ben

    josh hasn’t been in the vlogs lately because hes on maternity leave lol