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Video: David Dobrik Talks Dolan Twins, Kylie Jenner, and More | Memory Game

VIDEO: David Dobrik Talks Dolan Twins, Kylie Jenner, and More | Memory Game
07/10/2019 10:10 57.9K 537 1.2M

David Dobrik has a lot of famous friends (Liza Koshy, Charlie Puth, and the Dolan twins, just to name a few) and he's dishing on his favorite memories with them all! The YouTuber stopped by the J-14 studios to play our memories game and is telling never-before-heard stories about everyone from Kylie Jenner to Jason Nash.

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Comments (1,374)
  • Hannah Matson
    Hannah Matson

    Wow Anything with David in it does super well🤩

  • Krystal Morales
    Krystal Morales

    David is the parent who doesn't play favorites and means it lol

  • Callista KS
    Callista KS

    Missed opportunity to ask about Howie Mandel

  • Yesenia Ramirez
    Yesenia Ramirez

    I thought the last would be either Steve O or Miranda lol

  • Ariana Mae Grande
    Ariana Mae Grande

    get back with liza! the joke has been going on for a year, u got us. now get back together!

  • StrawberrySwisher

    does anyone else see how pained he looks when he talks about Liza

  • art.sthetic _18
    art.sthetic _18

    David on crack, I mean cinnamon: "I mean, not 7 minutes like 15 seconds"

  • Katherine Wright
    Katherine Wright

    Does anyone know if there’s a vlog/footage of the moment he was talking about when he picked Jason

  • Libby Kay
    Libby Kay

    This video should be called “David Dobrik making himself laugh for 10 minutes and 10 seconds”

  • J Y
    J Y

    The “aaaw” when he started talking about Liza... aaaaw❤️