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Video: Don't Try Doing These 15 Things in Other Countries

VIDEO: Don't Try Doing These 15 Things in Other Countries
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Every country has its own laws, traditions, rules, and specific features that might seem weird to the people of other cultures. So when going on a trip, you'd better learn information about the etiquette rules and traditions of the country you're going to visit. For example, you can’t buy or sell chewing gum in Singapore. And that’s just one of many places that have things you should never do and that totally go against what might be normal for you or me.

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No latte after breakfast 0:24

Tip? That's bad manners! 1:02

Chewing gum is illegal 1:30

... as well as cutting down a saguaro cactus 2:12

Bikini is just for the beach 2:52

Don't be rude, leave a bite or two left on your plate 3:32

Never blow your nose out in public 3:57

How to avoid offending a taxi driver 4:25

Only buy flowers in even numbers 4:54

Don’t get too creative with baby names 5:18

Avoid using your left hand 5:53

Don’t feed the pigeons 6:29

Are you a high heels lover? Not in this country! 6:55

The fashion police do exist 7:25

Don’t step on money 7:58

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- In Italy, it’s considered uncouth to order white coffee - or any coffee made with milk - after breakfast time. This is because traditionally in Italy, drinking milk after a meal is thought to be bad for digestion.
- In Japan, great customer service is the normal standard, not something a waiter can just choose to do if they want a little extra money.
- You can’t buy or sell chewing gum in Singapore. This ban started back in 1992 as a way to clean up Singapore’s streets, movie theatres, schools, and parks.
- The saguaro cactus is Arizona’s official state flower. Don’t cut it down, unless you wanna face up to a 25-year prison sentence.
- Unless you’re on or somewhere near the sandy beaches of Barcelona, wearing a bikini is a huge no-no in this colorful Catalonian city.
- Gobbling up every last morsel on your plate isn’t necessarily illegal in China, but it is considered somewhat rude.
- If you’re fighting a cold, allergies, or just some really bitter winter winds, sometimes blowing your nose in public just has to happen. But if you’re in France, try to make it to the bathroom before you blow that honker of yours.
- In Australia, hopping into the backseat instead of the front passenger seat is pretty rude. Basically, you’ll look like a snob who wants to be chauffeured in stark silence instead of making small talk with the driver up front.
- Giving someone a dozen roses or flowers in even numbers is considered a major faux pas in Russia because even-numbered flower bouquets are usually present at funerals.
- In India, using your left hand while exchanging money, handing over food, or shaking a person’s hand is considered incredibly rude and, well, really gross.
- Feeding pigeons some breadcrumbs may seem harmless, but doing this in Venice can set you back anywhere from 70-700 bucks if you’re caught!
- You definitely don’t want to be caught wearing camouflage in several of the Caribbean Islands. It’s because their police officers wear camo.
- Don’t step on money in Thailand. On baht, you’ll find the face of the country’s reigning monarch. Stepping on these faces is a big no-no here and is considered demeaning to the royal family.

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Comments (1,172)

    Hey guys, what’s a really curious tradition in your country that people from abroad find super weird?


    BRIGHT SIDE , i am from india and you get wrong information about India

  • JENIFER Anton
    JENIFER Anton

    In India and Sri Lanka punishing a kid or a child by beating is the only way of correcting them (elders think that way)

  • JENIFER Anton
    JENIFER Anton

    In Sri last we should not call our elders (elder brothers and sisters) with their names we should call then sister and brother.

  • JENIFER Anton
    JENIFER Anton

    Only In India and Sri Lanka politicians are the biggest criminals to be honest.

  • Zulfiqar Ali
    Zulfiqar Ali

    In pakistan people gets hand together with stranger

  • Gacha Dim Sum
    Gacha Dim Sum

    Dhaval Padhiyar Why ? I am indian too and I don't know

  • ayush shaw
    ayush shaw

    Most surprising one was with China. I think they do not complete their food as they basically eat all sorts of weird insects and sea food.

  • Kiki Unicornz
    Kiki Unicornz

    I was surprised about the Australian one because I am from Australia

  • Swarnnika

    Is this real about India....I m Indian and I shake my hand with both hands and according to my experience I never feel anything wrong about this.... and through this video I know about this fact(from now on I will make sure which hand I m using)😂😂

  • Shankar Das
    Shankar Das

    Hey I am Indian and lefty and I puposely shake left hand

  • Ramiz Karim
    Ramiz Karim

    Naa bro i am an Indian and that's not a big issue

  • Allyshia Tham
    Allyshia Tham

    I've been sulking for years cos Singapore banned gum.

  • abdulkhader hussainabba
    abdulkhader hussainabba

    About avoid using left hand in India is so true.I am an Indian and I don't use left hand for anything except for my toilet business.

  • Nightcore Love
    Nightcore Love

    YOU CAN't take anything from a stranger using LEFT HAND in ASSAM,INDIA. coz it shows disrespect. USE YOUR RIGHT HAND TO SHOW GOOD BEHAVIOUR😊

  • Abee Raza
    Abee Raza

    Can't you make anything about Pakistan

  • MR. HEY
    MR. HEY

    Latte is an italian word and it means milk


    The left hand policy mentioned here is wrong, it is when you use both of your hands that the people find it weird.

  • vyshakh manikoth
    vyshakh manikoth