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Video: Dora and the Lost City of Gold Trailer #2 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers

07/09/2019 01:43 3.2K 1.8K 251.7K

Check out the official Dora and the Lost City of Gold trailer starring Isabela Moner! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: August 2, 2019
Starring: Isabela Moner, Eva Longoria, Temuera Morrison
Directed By: James Bobin
Synopsis: Dora, a teenage explorer, leads her friends on an adventure to save her parents and solve the mystery behind a lost city of gold.

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Comments (676)
  • lkevsan

    It all started because of a parody CollegeHumor did

  • Joseph Thomas
    Joseph Thomas

    Why does every children’s movie feel the need to make high school like a lawless Hunger Games?

  • Waheed Abdullah
    Waheed Abdullah

    So she still calls him Boots even though he's not wearing boots? Talk about false advertisement.

  • Brian M
    Brian M

    i love that they did a joke about Dora talking to “the viewers”

  • ScarlettP

    Lmao Dora literally talking to no one, the parents were like wtf 😂😂😂

  • Mr Tuesday
    Mr Tuesday

    I'm hoping for a post-credits scene where Steve and Blue tell her they're putting a team together.

  • Kenlyn W
    Kenlyn W

    This about to be a dumpster fire

  • Artsy Fartsy
    Artsy Fartsy

    Did this film time travel from 2005 or something because even the trailer feels like the 2000s 😂😂😂

  • Tee Khing Hua
    Tee Khing Hua

    Nobody: Hollywood: Let's make life adaptation of everything!

  • ChefMatt Reviews
    ChefMatt Reviews

    Biggest question... Why wasnt this just a straight to tv movie?

  • Blue Banana
    Blue Banana

    Narrator: if you think you know Dora. Me: I knew Dora, but not this Dora.

  • Jayden Marvel
    Jayden Marvel

    Swiper reminds me of Fantastic Mister Fox. I'm not even kidding.

  • Lukelighter

    The highlight of the comedy in this trailer is fart jokes. slow clap, clap, clap

  • Darthawesome 24
    Darthawesome 24

    What if this takes place between Infinity War and Endgame and it is really the story of Luis trying to find antman

  • grindcoremaniac

    Oh man I really wanted to hear Danny Trejo's voice coming from Boots.

  • Süss Hexe
    Süss Hexe

    This low-key doesn't look that bad...

  • Toxic Scorcher
    Toxic Scorcher

    Dude where tf is backpack and map. Or even the troll! All we got is Swiper and Boots so far, I demand MORE.