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Video: Dragon Ball Super Broly BOX OFFICE BREAKDOWN

02/07/2019 06:13 3.7K 100 92.4K

TRY VRV FOR 30 DAYS FREE: | IS Dragon Ball Super Broly A SUCCESS? MASSIVELY! We discuss the Dragon Ball Super Broly Box Office Success and breakdown the Dragon Ball Super Broly MOVIE MATH and how does it compare to Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F?



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Comments (1,333)
  • rataflaca1

    horrible movie. yet dragon ball is the best so they can pretty much do what they want

  • barbarian jk
    barbarian jk

    See? This is how good it gets when they give the original creator the chance of giving a lot of input and respecting his worldbuilding, story and characters. Learn from Toei, Disney!

  • KudaroKoi

    Dbz broly made 100million worldwide already

  • james cobham
    james cobham

    a little theory here ,maybe part of it is the original fans have kids now and have been either watching the super dub with them or introduced it to them and now they have a chance to see a dragon ball movie on the big screen with their kids

  • HighTide Kraken
    HighTide Kraken

    Man I'm glad it's doing great money wise and I was surprised to see the Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie at #4

  • Kishan Mandora
    Kishan Mandora

    The 30 million collection is of Japan and not America. @geekdom101.

  • peter

    *I'm Goku, but Broly... call me Kakarot!* Def going on my top 10 animated ^_^

  • Steve

    Support Vic Can’t believe your not talking about it!

  • Donovan Delaney
    Donovan Delaney

    "A monster? No. I'm not a monster. I am a god!!" - Broly.

  • Donovan Delaney
    Donovan Delaney

    Have you seen the fake reviews for Star Wars Resistance yet? LOL! 97% on Rotten tomatoes. LOL! LOL! That's a good one! LOL!

  • Yuhinai Suki
    Yuhinai Suki

    some people cant use vrv yet cause its not out for all countries

  • Research & Information
    Research & Information

    Working at the movie theatre, it was nice to see the 80's baby's find some peace. It was like finding dragon ball super for the first time... THE MOVIE IS STILL PLAYING TODAY....

  • Jaylan Hilliard
    Jaylan Hilliard

    The ending made me feel a mortal kombat vibe how Gogeta was looking so sick delivering that kamehameha like he doing a sick fatality then how broly feel like he was doing the mk stance of being finished

  • Pepsolman

    I’m wondering if you’re ever going to post a vid on your opinion about the Vic situation as I believe your view is important in the community seeing as you have connections and communications that we don’t. I also believe that you are probably researching, talking, and drinking it all in before you speak on it. However, you choose not to. I don’t blame you. Fans are divided right now because there is no substantial evidence to really to point other than some alleged victims speaking out and a number of named Voice Actors speaking out. It could either be a pack against a guy a group of people don’t like or this kind hearted person really is some sort of predator. At this point I don’t believe he is. I’m waiting on proof and believe in justice for everyone. If Vic is allowed to be beaten without proof... he is a victim. We can’t forget that.

  • Power100

    I didn't know they got Veronica Taylor for that. That's cool.

  • BigDuck

    will there be a dragon ball super 2?

  • Alex Zabal
    Alex Zabal

    I didn't like the movie There were many episodes of the dbs way better than the movie

  • Canti89

    Lol gonna chicken out and not say anything about Vic Its good to finally see where your priorities are.