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Video: Dragon Ball Super Broly EXTENDED CUT Explained & Debunked

VIDEO: Dragon Ball Super Broly EXTENDED CUT Explained & Debunked
03/12/2019 06:10 2.7K 121 99.2K

Is there a Dragon Ball Super Broly 70 Minutes Director's Cut? There is a LOT of confusion about the Dragon Ball Super Broly 70 Minutes of Deleted Scenes and what was cut from Toriyama's Script. We discuss and debunk the ACTUAL information about the Dragon Ball Super Broly Storyboards. Deem:



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Comments (568)
  • Geekdom101

    I wish they would do a 3 Hour DB Movie like Endgame. Id watch it!

  • XBM 79
    XBM 79

    +Armando Gexcior Ahh ok..thanks man! I appreciate it!

  • MrJerkdude

    +Armando Gexcior I never tagged your name when replying to this comment

  • MrJerkdude

    +Armando Gexcior you're replying to the wrong person here then cause you specifically replied "No" to my joke

  • Armando Gexcior
    Armando Gexcior

    MrJerkdude I think you’re replying to the wrong person here.

  • Armando Gexcior
    Armando Gexcior

    XBM 79 He was basically an Ascended Saiyan that was somewhere as powerful between SS2 and SS3. Ironically you already had the answers but they’re one in the same.


    Who wouldn't want watch dragon Ball for 3hrs

  • Charlie T
    Charlie T

    I think i figured out why broly is so strong! He's never had a girl he got so much sexual tention built up that he's power just sky rocketed. He's probably never busted a nut so he got them Super Saiyan blue balls.

  • kgm

    Okay has anyone thought about how broly lived this long without water? His first taste of water is when hes rescued unless im assuming the alien planet has all the minerals you need but sayians need h20

  • Dillon Pasapane
    Dillon Pasapane

    Bardock was hit so hard he got his ass knocked back in time. Just think about that.

  • Civtex

    Broly and kale need to produce a berserker saiyan race😂

  • Figgy G
    Figgy G

    Movie was so rushed and not worth my time. I will only buy if extended.

  • Magan Hassan
    Magan Hassan

    I hope we see raditz's past in dragon ball super anime

  • DarkSendo94

    its clearly just 60 minutes of frieza getting the beatdown in real time

  • Josh Sanchez
    Josh Sanchez

    erase all critics comments Geekdom you can't handle. LMFAO

  • ChrisPeteG

    I would honestly just prefer it if they split the whole thing into 2 pieces. Turn the prequel/prologue story into a fully fleshed out narrative ending with the destruction of planet Vegeta. Then have the 'present day' storyline be its own thing. Each one being a 60-65 minute story would be more appealing then having them spliced together.

  • Samar Preet
    Samar Preet

    There has to be at least a 5 min cut from the movie as they showed baldock injured plus how did Goku and vegeta diffuse I think they would have animated it and showed Goku instant transmitting .

  • Eric

    Wish that they would do a prequel movie of dragon ball, solely set on the saiyan homeworld prior to frieza happening

  • D Bone
    D Bone

    Damn it I was hoping that was true n when I seen ur alert I was hoping u were goin to talk about it had me excited until I actually checked this video out that really sux would of been awesome to have a directors cut to watch but thanks for lettin us kno still upset that's fake news but glad u told us now instead of finding out when it comes out n be lookin for a directors cut they don't have LoL🤣

  • Ching-Ho Hunkin
    Ching-Ho Hunkin

    Remember how the Revival F movie was different with the Golden Frieza Arc? It might be that kind of case where I assume that they might put those deleted scenes somewhere into the next DBS series for more elaborations with unique details about Broly and the history of the Saiyan race from the birthday of their civilization and the alliance with King Cold to the doomsday of Planet Vegeta along with some random interactions like behind-the-scenes kind of thing with some Saiyan and alien characters such as Bardock, Gine and Raditz and their times together with and/or without Kakarot, KV and his wife (the Saiyan queen on whoever she was) and Vegeta and Tarble and a hidden reason behind Tarble’s banishment or “secret mission” that he might’ve had the same unintentional motive as Bardock with sending off Kakarot to Earth other than having an embarrassment and disappointment of a royal seed with a low power level like a low class Saiyan or something. In addition, they might show a few Bardock missions and his random interactions and scopes with some people like his crew and neighbors, Dodoria, Zarbon, the full set of the Ginyu Force along with the secret life of Captain Ginyu where some rumors stated that his purple body is not his real body that he might’ve been a scrawny and weak alien with a unique technique to change bodies with other powerful beings so he must’ve swap bodies with the purple horned alien in order to join the Frieza Force and create his Ginyu Force and maybe Bardock might’ve known the real Ginyu before he switched bodies at the time or whatever. Moreover, it’d be cool to see some fight scenes of Bardock and his comrades trying to save their village and other places and making some of them escape their fateful ends, but then some of Frieza’s minions on Planet Vegeta ambushed some of them and turned all of them into sacrificial lambs for Frieza’s “prophecy” or something. Some might’ve succeeded in escaping doomsday and most have died in vain so it’ll be more interesting if they could make like a space adventure arc of searching Saiyan survivors on other distant planets with just Goku and Vegeta and maybe Broly and Piccolo can tag along too if necessary but that’d be for another storyline or whatever. I don’t know, just saying ok so yea haha.

  • FarmerWithaShotgun Sama
    FarmerWithaShotgun Sama

    My teacher taught me how to make a storyboard. I actually knew what that was I'm proud you should give me a cookie.