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Video: Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie News BONANZA LIVE STREAM!!

VIDEO: Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie News BONANZA LIVE STREAM!!
10/07/2018 51:54 1.5K 107 64.6K

Dragon Ball Super Broly NEWS Update Stream & Q&A featuring discussion on the 2018 Dragon Ball Super Movie where I take your questions! Broly vs Goku, Broly vs Vegeta, Broly vs Frieza and Broly vs WHO? We talk Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 2.



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Comments (219)
  • Brad ShadowDog
    Brad ShadowDog

    Vegeta & bulma deserve each other. They both have siblings that nobody knew existed.

  • Son Rayzer
    Son Rayzer

    The whole Freeza army "Invading" Vegeta isn't a retcon. Let's be honest, the Saiyans were never working WITH Freeza, only FOR him. Or more accurate UNDER him.

  • Kevin Wells
    Kevin Wells

    Fan service the movie 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jacob Storey
    Jacob Storey

    I think Vegeta finds out that Beerus order the destruction of the saiyans that it would be cool to have like a sorta sasuke moment when he went to prepare to fight beerus. What I mean by that is that the story could split off and we could see some more character development from Vegeta and some time off of Goku which would be pretty cool and we could also see how Vegeta progresses to get strong enough to take on Beerus.

  • Christopher Yates
    Christopher Yates

    Android 19 was beating up Goku when he was sick with the heart virus. At the beginning Goku was winning handily. So (SSJ Goku after 3 years training) > #19 vs. (SSJ Goku on Namek) > Frieza doesn't tell us anything about Frieza vs. 19. Vegeta wasn't THAT much stronger than Goku and he beat 19 without breaking a sweat.

  • The DBZ Collector
    The DBZ Collector

    Gogeta doesn't beat Broly. Shallot comes and helps Goku and Vegeta and they each combine their attacks into one huge one.

  • Andrew Harrison
    Andrew Harrison

    Toriyama is not nearly as bad as George Lucas. Toriyama may be making changes, but at least he’s not replacing like Lucas did. The original versions of Dragon Ball (manga, anime, etc) are still readily available, and most likely always will be, for anyone to enjoy at anytime. If someone wants to just read/watch the original series and ignore all of this new content, they can. This isn’t the case with Star Wars. Lucas has made sure that his redone versions are the only versions available. If someone doesn’t already own or has never seen the original films as they were first released, they probably never will.

  • Lord Magnus
    Lord Magnus

    It was so funny when I saw a lot of people complaining about Bardock after saying for months that they wanted Broly with the "Toriyama touch", lol. I do like Bardock Special more but still found that funny.

  • Organic_Mechanic

    What if Broly is at the other end of the spectrum, powerwise, and instead of killing him for being too strong, he is sent away to die, like an unfit Spartan baby.

  • Dylan Mayhew
    Dylan Mayhew

    The one retcon I have always been fine with, is Beerus being the one who told Frieza to destroy planet Vegeta. It sounds allot more interesting & could lead to so much more in the story if they wanted it too.... (& maybe it will now) It is also more of a small one, because it could be said that this is something Frieza kept secret for Beerus in fear of getting destroyed. So of course he would need to adapt his own reasoning for destroying a planet full of loyal warriors to him. Basically this is something that can be worked around within the story. Goku & Vegeta.... If there around the same age now...... You can't work the story around for that......

  • liam fowell
    liam fowell

    lol. Your Beerus impression makes a good Nappa impression!

  • liam fowell
    liam fowell

    Maybe the film will be a 2 parter with the second half coming out later in the year or the following Christmas! we could only hope!

  • TSHON954 TheGoat
    TSHON954 TheGoat

    Even tho there are changes made... it still will be a old and a new story... the games will have more variations of these characters... and give the older fans sumthing to debate about with the younger generation of fans... ijs

  • LSSJOrangeLightning

    I'd prefer if they made an Extended Edition of the movie as opposed to a retelling in Super.

  • Zeek Cozart
    Zeek Cozart

    I like your take on believing King Vegeta is going to be too wrapped on Vegeta’s power so he basically just brushes Broly off but I feel that King Vegeta will be jealous and purposely send Broly off so nobody knows that his sons power will be insignificant to the son of a low class warrior in Paragus and to keep it a secret he tells anybody who already knows if anyone finds out he will exile them as well.

  • Arthemesia

    I think vegeta and goku together could have definitely beat future 17 and 18 together

  • Kiranjot Gill
    Kiranjot Gill

    I feel like they are trying to add Broly to the team because then they would have all the counterparts of Universe 6 together

  • Duffman29

    What if paragus wants the dragon balls to bring back planet vegeta and the saiyans so he can take his revenge on King vegeta after broly and the z fighters have there first encounter and they think Goku and vegeta were left for death and he wants the king to see the pain of knowing his son was dead before he kills him then at the end of the movie bardock and Goku meet where bardock tells Goku he has to wish for the saiyans to go back away for the better of the universe.