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Video: Every Throw from Kyler Murray's Pro Day

VIDEO: Every Throw from Kyler Murray's Pro Day
03/13/2019 19:04 6.5K 246 0.9M

Every throw from quarterback Kyler Murray at the University of Oklahoma's Pro Day.

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Comments (1,826)
  • Winston Wood
    Winston Wood

    Dude throws straight darts just goes to show it's not about size and strength good mechanics are the key

  • Ben Abbott
    Ben Abbott

    I wish they just had a hard cam where you could see the whole field instead of switching every 0.5 seconds.

  • Crimson Clarity
    Crimson Clarity

    That deep ball though at 19:00 is nice! I think they should have fired baseballs at him during his drops while playing Katie Perry pop music because if you can pass that test you got it in the bag!

  • Alex Urdinarrain
    Alex Urdinarrain

    Baseball players can make the best QBs. His ball placement and accuracy is one of the best

  • Alex Urdinarrain
    Alex Urdinarrain

    Height literally means nothing to him. Any shorter than average athletes are used to it. Used to dealing with competition bigger than them, they adapt. You’re acting like he’s playing giants or hasn’t dealed with it

  • Big Bearn
    Big Bearn

    Why try to fix which is not broken. Deconstructing mechanics is simply wrong They tried to fix Rodger"s arm with disaster then someone decided to let it be with amazing results If it works for him, let it be and work on reading defenses instead

  • euroyen420

    Like watching paint dry, all you brainwashed sheep, keep cheering your demise.

  • DCUPtoejuice

    Dudes like MJ one day before Billie Jean Grammy performance.

  • Frank Lyons
    Frank Lyons

    Murray will not be drafted #1. Why would anyone draft a black quarterback? They lack the intellect for the job.

  • Zan Chen
    Zan Chen

    How the hell did Tom Brady become so good? when nobody wanted to draft him !

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    5'9 165 pounds. If any team in the top 20 pick Kyler I played in a no defense conference Murray, they deserve what they get! 5'9 165 pounds. This is the NFL not college, you can't get away with throwing up jump balls and make a living as a running QB in the league. The Big 12 defense was horrible this year and help pad his stats. Shouldn't have won the Heisman Trophy = Popularity Contest either.

  • ThealltimeX

    Also you clearly haven’t watched Murray play considering you describe him as being a qb who just “throws up jump balls and runs”

  • Ethan Weeter
    Ethan Weeter

    I would like to see Haskins fall to 11 and be drafted by the Bengals. Think that would motivate him to be a better pro than Murray, Lock, or Jones.

  • Ethan Weeter
    Ethan Weeter

    Michael Vick was never a transcendent player even as brilliant an athlete as he was though. A QB should be a great passer first and runner second. I am worried Murray will not fit into a pro passing scheme like Haskins will. NFL players are much quicker and more athletic on D than college players though. Haskins is a reluctant rusher because I think he is a very unselfish player.

  • Stringfellow Hawk
    Stringfellow Hawk

    Reluctant rusher because he's a huge target and slow, but Haskin is thick and strong. He should be able to take some shots.

  • Ethan Weeter
    Ethan Weeter

    Would like to see him throw with a person around him, not just dropping back and passing. With Haskins they had the QB coach moving right around him. I do like he can put air under the ball and throw on a line like the analyst just mentioned. He is not throwing on the run though in this workout.

  • Ethan Weeter
    Ethan Weeter

    That is also why he is probably not getting winded.