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Video: Every Throw from Kyler Murray's Pro Day

VIDEO: Every Throw from Kyler Murray's Pro Day
03/13/2019 19:04 6.2K 248 872.3K

Every throw from quarterback Kyler Murray at the University of Oklahoma's Pro Day.

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Comments (1,917)
  • Dividend Income
    Dividend Income

    Who else noticed he doesn’t know how to operate under center? No drills from passing hand to hand. That’s concerning

  • Daniel Timbs
    Daniel Timbs

    I don't understand why everybody make such a big deal about some of these throws. " it looks like he can make every throw on the field". Well yeah he's a quarterback. I can make all of those throws and I am 400 pounds. The routes that they asked them to run 4 these passes are extremely easy to put the ball right on their hands especially if you're a professional quarterback and you've been doing it. I'm not a professional quarterback at all but I grew up playing football at the quarterback position with all my buddies and I can sit there and hit every single one of those routes right in the hands. So I shake my head every single time they say that he can make all of the throws unlike other quarterbacks. Every single professional quarterback can make all of those same throws

  • R_ M
    R_ M

    Maybe he’ll prove me wrong but bruh is way too little

  • Sanj Batchanoo
    Sanj Batchanoo

    This guy reminds me a lot of Johnny manziel! Cards better off taking bosa, and grabbing frohm or tua in 2020.

  • john carrillo iv
    john carrillo iv

    Watch the cardinals not take this guy !!! I'm not a cardinals fan but there stupid if they don't

  • Corey Oden
    Corey Oden

    Done deal...he's the no. 1 pick HANDS DOWN!

  • Doors067

    steve keim: ok we got rosen, traded up for him were set at qb everyone else is stupid! steve keim: ok well that sucked we did even worse...yknow whats gonna make us good A dwarf playing quarterback

  • Colin Stone
    Colin Stone

    Kyler is the worst name in history. “Kyler”. Gross.

  • Micky Bender
    Micky Bender

    Quite laughable, the so called experts elaborating about him making his throws fith the feet, legs and what not. Do these guy see, the crazy leg glute and hip development of Murray. Believe me, the last thing they should worry about, is him making any athletic movement with his lower portion of the body.

  • Jeebs Gold
    Jeebs Gold

    Am I the only one that think's his throws are low at the line of scrimmage?