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Video: Everything Is Stupid - America Has a Problem with Food | The Daily Show

VIDEO: Everything Is Stupid - America Has a Problem with Food | The Daily Show
04/14/2019 04:46 22.5K 663 1.5M

Ronny Chieng spotlights frivolous lawsuits against food giants, including absurd cases being brought against Godiva, TGI Friday’s and Poland Spring.

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Comments (1,205)
  • Abhay Achal
    Abhay Achal

    I’m suing Apple. Because I can't eat it.

  • Alexander

    Cant expect anything less from a nation of runaway Europeans who founded a nation based on freedom and equality while owning slaves and committing mass genocide at the same time

  • Kadeem Manning
    Kadeem Manning

    Na. Spring water should come from a spring. Or call that shit Well water n see how many friends you really got

  • ネコCat

    He lost an Asian ,he brought another Asian

  • Uwe Hansen
    Uwe Hansen

    Why 5 mil?? I am a German and dont understant the point off that!!

  • DrJuicyNugs

    Yo you're quietly playing right wing. I peep you hard.

  • Grijsman ya
    Grijsman ya

    As a belgian: in english you would pronounce it more like God-e-va

  • Mister Itchy
    Mister Itchy

    Making me Google TGIF potato skins ... yes, they are made from potatoes. Kind of like Pringles are.

  • Jeff Gao
    Jeff Gao

    Lol i went on google maps and searched for belgium after he said that....

  • ra ra
    ra ra

    America is so blessed, it has everything: unhealthy fast food, evil lawyers and stupid citizens!

  • Ar Rm
    Ar Rm

    He can't pronounce R lol

  • Jacob Edward
    Jacob Edward

    The last two lawsuits are actual things that should change. You're saying "it's stupid that Americans don't know ads are lying" but ads SHOULDN'T BE LYING. In my opinion buyer-beware is bullshit.