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Video: Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less

VIDEO: Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less
12/04/2018 13:32 56.8K 3.6K 2.5M

A Quiet Place is a great movie! We loved it. But like all movies, it still has sins, so we did what we do and pointed them out in a video.

Thursday: Adventure sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!









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Comments (7,580)
  • ропy

    In the movie they do have solar panels, and i dont recall solar panels being loud

  • iKindaMakeMusic

    Oooo his name is sammmmm (like if you get it (because nobody watches the ads) )

  • Sophia Erickson
    Sophia Erickson

    is it just me or does he sound like Dave from A lucky Penny Shop?

  • UK man loves goddesses
    UK man loves goddesses

    Why didn't they make a waterfall at their farm using a pump & piping? They would've been able to fart constantly with no repercussions

  • Bree Is Mee
    Bree Is Mee

    I remember my hearing aid would go crazy every time they would screech. Holy shit.

  • Taye Nic
    Taye Nic

    I hate you for using the term "Rocket Man" leave the past alone.

  • Ofpqo

    Everything is wrong with A Quiet Place

  • pbilk1

    I still don't understand how in these kind movies that there is no army kicking these creatures ass. Yes, these are dangerous creatures but they all have a weakness that would have been revealed leading to the army to kick there ass and therefore little need for these actual events to happen.

  • Hip Davinci
    Hip Davinci

    This movie was awesome. Also could you do everything wrong with youtube rewind 2018

  • Joe Powney
    Joe Powney

    I enjoy these videos but have to point out INCORRECT SINS IMO: 7. Of course they don't loot plastic packets or plastic tubes of pills, they make too much noise! 11. Of course that happened, then they stopped making papers because it made too much noise! 17. It's basically a year. A year later. 25. There are millions or smells, textures, temperatures, the point you're missing is the creatures mainly depend on sound. 28. Yes, that is exactly what happens! 44. Crashing through the house would cause too much noise to pinpoint where she is, so sneaking in is it's best option. 48. Biting through the umbilical chord would work. 66. You explained the reason for it. But still gave the sin. (!) 69. If the creatures know prey is here, why not set up shop, live there, check there, explains why they returned. 73. YOU REMOVED A SIN AND NEVER POINTED OUT WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE ENDING. Sure they can distract, unveil and kill one of these beasts but when two come at the same time surely one will attack whilst the other one is getting shot? Just to point out Quiet Place is a good film, not a massive fan but I couldn't help but notice these obvious reasons you may have missed :-)