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Video: Full Power Super Saiyan Explained

VIDEO: Full Power Super Saiyan Explained
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What is Mastered Super Saiyan? What is Super Saiyan Full Power? What is Super Saiyan Grade 4? Its all the SAME THING and on this edition, Super Saiyan Full Power Transformation Explained on the Transformation Guide. This is the form used during Goku vs Cell in Dragon Ball Z.



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  • Lin Yen Chin
    Lin Yen Chin

    There are no names to the two variations between Ssj1 And Ssj 2. There are no "Ssj Gages," that is faggotry. Even "Super Saiyan Full Power" is like you mentioned *A LIE,* retroactive lie from some magazine.

  • Lin Yen Chin
    Lin Yen Chin

    Burn those "Guide Books" and demand the writers commit Seppuku.

  • Mr Lakiro
    Mr Lakiro

    I really appreciate Mastered Super Saiyan, such a state was interesting to me when I thought it literally had no weaknesses :D

  • Dkays CBG
    Dkays CBG

    Who remebers the old becket dbz magazines that you could buy at smiths or any other store and they would try to explain all of this?

  • mastertucker

    Glad someone said it finally, so I hope this stuff is covered in the SSJ2 video. That's what SSJ2 is. Toriyama said that 2 and 3 were just extensions of SSJ1 - ways to stretch out the power. SSJ2 is basically a trick, making the body feel like it's in base form, so the same anger pain of loss trigger moment will cause the same rush of S-Cells and transformation, because the body feels like it's in it's base state. It's tricking the body to go SSJ while it's already in SSJ. And if you think about it that's why the guidebooks say it's 2x the user's SSJ1 power because it's literally doubling SSJ and forcefully/temporarily surpassing the body's natural limits. That's also why Toriyama said in that interview that SSJ2 as well as 3 still burns ki, it's the drawback to 2 for forcing beyond their max potential. And that interview is still not wrong by the way, like you said we've seen SSJ2 and 3 in Super, but the only time Goku goes 2 is when he's testing an opponent and purposely being weak, such as against Black where it was stated directly he was doing this. The only times he goes 3 at all is when he's showing off to Trunks for fun, and when he does it in the ToP but even there he admitted he didn't mean to and he immediately leaves the form. So Goku still doesn't use 3 seriously at all and he only uses 2 when he's playing around. In a serious fight it still holds true that Goku stuck to his base and SSJ forms until he got to the equally natural and not wasteful SSJG and Blue. Also please don't tell me you're gonna try and make a separate video about 'Legendary' from one about 'Berserk'? They're the same form and old Broly's isn't special you should just cover Kale and real Broly's 'Legendary/Berserk' one and mention old Broly as a side note.

  • Flaming Flammenwerfer
    Flaming Flammenwerfer

    I always called it "Mastered Super Saiyan". This version of the Super Saiyan 1 transformation is so important, since the emphasis of a calm mind and soul, as well as precise ki control is a forerunner to Super Saiyan Blue in Dragon Ball Super.

  • Ory -
    Ory -

    tbh i thout the colors were just mistaken in the anime as a eror or somthing not as intentional

  • Sauchee

    Add some background music man

  • Energetic fan Boy 2
    Energetic fan Boy 2

    Can you make a video about how Super Saiyan hair works? Because there is one of my favourite topics and I would like to see a video about it.

  • NidgeDFX

    I call the bulk form ssj1.5 xD

  • GoldStorm07

    With Super Saiyan Blue keeping you in a calm, focused state of mind, would it be possible to essentially combine Grades 2 and 4 by getting yourself used to a power-stressed version of Super Saiyan Blue to use it without complications?

  • OHCAM5

    didn't you make a video on this already?

  • Christian Assy
    Christian Assy

    If yamcha goes super saiyan god super saiyan rose god 3 green I'm done with Naruto

  • Nigel Jenkins
    Nigel Jenkins

    what if they did the same thing for Super Saiyan Blue? do y’all think it would have the same effect or no

  • OHCAM5

    they have better ki control in SSB I don't think it would make that much of a difference

  • Sugar bro
    Sugar bro

    It means that they are able to use the grade forms to fullest potential without drawbacks. Also points out that ssj2 cant be achived without mastering the first ssj level

  • JungleJuice 4
    JungleJuice 4

    Sounds like they used super Saiyan and made it into like a base form and gohan used it to power up to ssj 2 by turning into like a super saiyan.. Ik that's not the case but sounds interesting if it was