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Video: Full Power Super Saiyan Explained

VIDEO: Full Power Super Saiyan Explained
05/10/2019 07:54 4.5K 73 103.9K

What is Mastered Super Saiyan? What is Super Saiyan Full Power? What is Super Saiyan Grade 4? Its all the SAME THING and on this edition, Super Saiyan Full Power Transformation Explained on the Transformation Guide. This is the form used during Goku vs Cell in Dragon Ball Z.



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Comments (614)
  • YeetKeetEat

    Is grade 4 their ultimate ssj1 transformation? Meaning when they turn ssj1 after the Cell Games it'll still be grade 4

  • ReggieRegg

    The genius of goku figuring out a way to completely master the super sayain transformation is underrated to me

  • Rick Farley
    Rick Farley

    That’s why they were walking around as base level Saiyans.

  • Tae Campus
    Tae Campus

    God Vegeta is so blind... If he would've actually trained with Trunks is the Time Chamber their first visit, who knows how powerful they could've gotten. Maybe on Goku's and Gohans level if not beyond that 😓

  • Some guy with a beanie
    Some guy with a beanie

    What i noticed after they started learning new grades of the ss the hair started to look more seperated

  • Krusher 99
    Krusher 99

    The only reason super saiyan grade 4 has whitish hair is because if the absence of the you're overthinking this. Hair color doesn't change. Compare this side by side to any other time someone was a super saiyan and didnt have aura surrounding them

  • Krusher 99
    Krusher 99

    So super saiyan 2 has a multiplier of twice that super saiyan grade 4? Or grade 1? Because if its grade 1,, that would make no sense. I would say super saiyan grade 4 is 4 times that of grade 1

  • kenneth dennis
    kenneth dennis

    Why didnt they just stay super sayian from here on out if the goal was to make super sayian there base form?

  • Amos Maka
    Amos Maka

    The cool thing I liked and noticed was when Goku was exhausted after his fight with Cell, he remained in Super Saiyan. Whereas before, in that situation, he would have reverted back into his *ACTUAL* Base Form if he was to fight in Super Saiyan... So when you said that Goku's Full Powered Super Saiyan Form was like his Base Form, you weren't kidding.

  • Litty Edits
    Litty Edits

    That's why I love Mastered Super Saiyan so much. Goku managed to use the Super Saiyan form to it's full potential. The strength, the stamina, and much more.

  • Armonte Flowers
    Armonte Flowers

    If only Goku & Vegeta did the same technique method of maintaining the form in SSB. Just imagine the possibility of growth in ki control in SSB without the glow constantly appearing each time as they transform to it.

  • Diéfersom Fernandes
    Diéfersom Fernandes

    My favorite "sub" transformation. The ideia is absolutely great! In Super Toyo uses a "variation" of it in ssj blue vs Gattai Zamasu, when Goku put all the power inside the body. I always wonder if the saiyajins do the same with ssj2 ans ssj3 to achieve the full potencial in any transformation. (Yeah, i know that ssj3 is very instable... is only a dream to see a ssj3 full dominated)

  • Ultra Instinct God
    Ultra Instinct God

    In regards to the hair looking almost white, I don't think that really has to do with the form because I've seen Goku as a normal SSJ against Frieza, and sometimes his hair would be almost white. The hair officially becomes gold when the user powers up.

  • Nigel Jenkins
    Nigel Jenkins

    i feel if goku and vegeta manage to do the same with Super Saiyan Blue they would reach a new level of power with it. Same thing with Super Saiyan 2, i feel it goku made super saiyan 2 his base form, it would lessen the strength and energy consumption of Super Saiyan 3 (even tho he doesn’t really need to it)

  • Saiyana Brief
    Saiyana Brief

    So have we never seen Trunks or Goten in SSJ2 because they haven't mastered SSJ Full Power? Theory!

  • Jiren Joestar
    Jiren Joestar

    Its important to remember this form does have a higher multiplier than super saiyan. This is not regular super saiyan with no stamina drag. This form is stronger than the previous grades and bare in mind the ×50 multiplier only talks of the original super saiyan form used on namek, this form may very well be ×100

  • houston Mulkey
    houston Mulkey

    Dbz fan for life just putting it out there lol btw love the vids geekdom..