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Video: GAROU VS METAL BAT! One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 5 Review

VIDEO: GAROU VS METAL BAT! One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 5 Review
05/07/2019 07:45 726 89 19.5K

METAL BAT VS GAROU IS HERE in One Punch Man Episode 17 REVIEW! Plus, the tournament begins, the city is under attack, and so much happens that even I lose track. Saitama becomes Charanko as the show continues!



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Comments (472)
  • Garr Trigger
    Garr Trigger

    I guess you dropped OPM s2. I can't blame you though, it sucks real bad.

  • Lloyd Molefe
    Lloyd Molefe

    I think Geekdom must watch an episode at least 10 times before dropping a review. All your reviews seem rushed and you miss all the most important shit and get shit wrong. Across all animes you review, quality has drastically dropped. Improve or quit. There are two You tubers that I now follow cause of your fuck ups and i believe you can do better

  • shery

    I realy like to see blast rank 1 and flashy flash in season 3 because in season 2 we like to see siytama goes rank A and more and more hero's know s about saiytama power and in the end blast and flashly flash show in the end of season 2.

  • jksmasknz

    I'd say. The manga did it better. The fights felt more impactful than tge anime.

  • Miguel C
    Miguel C

    Do u understand wat ur watching or wat ? Cuz u said a lot of things that are wrong !

  • Open Mind
    Open Mind

    I have no interest in tournament talks & they wasted 1 single episode time in these nonsense talks ,first half of ep 4 & second half of episode 5 .what a waste

  • Hyushi Sama
    Hyushi Sama

    4:10 metal bat woke up and was about to kill him ... also there was no cowardly display, he had to stop his swing because he can’t kill or fight in front of his sister .... metal bat was about to KILL garau !!!!!!

  • Dx Reaper
    Dx Reaper

    Such a bad episode really . Hes my favorite S class and it was such a down grade even the force of the blows was taken away . His final swing over his head was lackluster

  • guitano covers
    guitano covers

    You also missed satamas fight he beats the guy in the tournament already after the end credits there is always a little scene after the credits you should watch it in full if you plan on reviewing it

  • Rohan

    Bruh you should call these ‘reactions’ instead of reviews then you’d get a lot less negative feedback. When someone sees reviewed in the title they expect a breakdown and to be shown things they possibly missed in the episode

  • Rohan

    1. When metal bag was down garou said to himself if he took a direct hit from the bat he’d lose... metal bat caught garou with his guard down and would have won but stopped last second because he promised his sister no violence. Implying metal bat would have won and Garou needs to take S class heroes more seriously 2. Garou rejected the invite to monster association is pretty important 3. Second half was all the heroes losing against those monsters across the cities showing a shift of control in favor of monsters

  • Kev Dog
    Kev Dog

    If this fight was a highlight of season 2 then this season is gonna be complete trash. It felt like a chore to watch this episode, I’m hating this season so far and I’m only watching to keep up with the series

  • YouTube User
    YouTube User

    The whole episode was skippable to be honest 😅 and I love this series

  • Akshay Boora
    Akshay Boora

    Hey Geekydom Can You Talk About One Punch Man Manga Also?