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Video: Gervonta Davis Stops Hugo Ruiz in Round One | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

VIDEO: Gervonta Davis Stops Hugo Ruiz in Round One | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING
02/10/2019 01:29 8.6K 421 1.1M

Gervonta Davis (21-0, 20 KOs) recorded his eighth career first-round knockout as referee Jack Reiss called off the fight with one second remaining in the first round following a devastating sweeping right hook by Davis that connected cleanly and sent Ruiz (39-5, 32 KOs) down to his knees.

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Comments (4,927)
  • B Pitts
    B Pitts

    Use broner as an example of moving too fast. Everyone was ducking maidana for a reason and broner took him too soon. Should of had two more fights at 147 before taking him. They are groom tank for longevity. He’s not fighting scrubs he just make it look that way. When the time is right he will fight the big names. It’s a business more than a sport now. If tank goes the distance it’ll still be a problem to y’all

  • Ulises Ocampo Cruz
    Ulises Ocampo Cruz

    To me it looks like Ruiz wasn't using that Mexican style which made it easier for Davis to control the fight. That tricky footwork, waist and head movement. He was basically a punching bag in there. Big hell no when fighting a guy with that power.

  • Ulises Ocampo Cruz
    Ulises Ocampo Cruz

    Still waiting for him to fight a bigger name. Someone with similar strength and more experience. He really isn't being tested. 🤔

  • James Loudermilk
    James Loudermilk

    Everyone wants to be a critic. Lets see you hop in the ring and do what he does.

  • 8525sulie

    The bumd killer like Spence the charlos and CRAWFORD

  • Jake Da Great
    Jake Da Great

    Loma still waiting for you to sign. Dont be ducking and dodging.


    Davis over getting consistent knockouts while ABs on his: “He against me he against me AIRBODY against me!! They trying to take me down cuz I’m successful!!”

  • TenTaur Tv
    TenTaur Tv

    Keyboard warrior ass niggas. Half of ya haven’t even went as far as sparring in a ring but got so much mouth.

  • HTX Biisshh
    HTX Biisshh

    Davis looked at his right hand like "u a beast"

  • MrMarkmill

    All the hate cus the man is black lol hating ass people..we rule every sport. So get out your feelings...marry a black jealous ass people..

  • jose montanez
    jose montanez

    Why did he look at his glove? His glove looks funny to me, did he felt the impact on his hand?

  • Keanu Kastner
    Keanu Kastner

    He won't fight Loma tho! He won't even speak his name haha