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Video: Goku vs Broly - Destiny

VIDEO: Goku vs Broly - Destiny
11/06/2018 12:00 3.6K 123 109.8K

TRY VRV FOR FREE: | Goku vs Broly Explained. DESTINIES COLLIDE! The Goku vs Broly Fight is a Duel of the Fates. Why are Goku and Broly destined to fight in Dragon Ball Super Broly? We break down Goku vs Broly in Dragon Ball Super. Thumbnail:



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Comments (857)
  • steelersrg8

    If goku was not there piccolo sr. Would have destroyed the world

  • jordan dogan
    jordan dogan

    they gonna take broly to universe six with them

  • Brandon  Barr
    Brandon Barr

    And if Goku never came to earth, the planet would be ruined by King piccolo, the red ribbon army, etc.

  • Hangry Scout
    Hangry Scout

    I’m just waiting for Ultra Instinct shaggy to come in during the movie and save Goku and Vegeta’s asses.


    I am a huge ass dragon Ball fan. But why do people just act like this is like real life's event were man doesn't have the power to just do whatever the fuck he wants and change the characters, events and whatever else? Kinda seem weird to me.

  • Donovan Delaney
    Donovan Delaney

    Earth! Water! Fire and air! We may look bad but we don't care. We ride the wind. We feel the fire to love the Earth is our one desire. Earth, Water, wind, fire and love! With our powers combined we are Captain Planet!

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith

    i'm curious you mentioned Goku saying he thinks Broly might be stronger than beerus but beerus fought Goku at 70 % of his max is that what he meant or can Goku sense how strong beerus actually is.

  • TheRango1324

    When I look at this video, it actually make sense and being linked by fate, thank you geekdom

  • Sage of the East
    Sage of the East

    By 2019 DB fans will be pissed about this movie after endless YouTube hype for a year... some questions will be why is Goku now stronger than Vegeta? How can gogeta go toe to toe with Broly, who's stronger than jerin, but vegito couldn't do anything against fused Zamasu? If broly is brought out by sensing someone's power then why didn't he show up when beerus came to earth? There's just going to be too many holes in the super storyline after this movie.

  • KokiriLeaf

    ngl, I really will never get tired of DB videos that casually remind us that 2/3 of everything that's happened in the series has been Goku's fault. And I'm glad that with Super he's finally having to deal with the consequences of causing so much trouble.

  • JohnnyX225

    Unless Broly kills Beerus.........I can’t take this Movie serious at all. It’s Broly..............

  • The Anime G
    The Anime G

    It's already been pretty much confirmed that bro he's going to join the cast seeing how he said you're not that much of a bad guy I can tell sounding like it's either Goku or maybe the people Broly aren't with in the spaceship

  • Fm Zuesy
    Fm Zuesy

    They made it clear that Vegeta is the target and you nerds are still talking about goku and broly without Vegeta goku won’t win

  • Maliek Brown
    Maliek Brown

    I hope goku finally remembers his parents and what happened on planet vegeta. Maybe emotions hit him so hard it changes him? Also hope they put in the fact that beerus was the one to OK planet vegeta destruction.