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Video: Goodbye Social Media.

VIDEO: Goodbye Social Media.
03/13/2019 09:08 73.5K 2.4K 2.1M
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  • Ludix147

    And so, Casey Neistat joins award-winning author John Green in being off the social internet.


    I've uninstalled these 2 for the past 3 months....and i've had no problems...THE ONLY PROBLEM IS THAT.... When you will think about QUITTING it in the past after a week or so....youll laugh at yourself thinking it wasn't that a BIG

  • Jacqueline Fink
    Jacqueline Fink

    I stopped watching you because you're so annoying and a hipster try-hard. I thought I'd give it another shot but the first shot of Candace (She looks horrific) made me snap back to reality. Stop your whiny little crying. You BEG for attention. Stop acting like you hate it. I would subscribe to Logan Paul before you and that's pretty fucking terrible.

  • Russell Sookdeo
    Russell Sookdeo

    I've done a similar thing with coming off Whatsapp... It really feels different, in a good way !


    So grow up, stop wasting your life and sod off to the bush mate, give it 4 weeks and see how you go.

  • Jerrod Boling
    Jerrod Boling

    @Caseyneistat Hey Bro do you use the iphone for the fam and the droid for business?

  • The Steve and Ian Project
    The Steve and Ian Project

    It wasn't until I watched this that I realized that I haven't been on social media since just after Christmas. Not sure when I'll get the drive to go back. Heck, I haven't even uploaded a video to my channel for the year. I feel like I'll be starting from scratch again. Ah well... It's good to get some rest now and then.

  • Kishan Yadav
    Kishan Yadav

    Oie khatey , biplord thapord magord Lai dekhya chas katai ?

  • Blossom FieryFlower
    Blossom FieryFlower

    My trick? You can have an account, just don’t download the app. Taking the time to google it, get to the link, enter password and username just makes it all the less appealing to me.

  • Brooke R
    Brooke R

    I don't have an issue with Casey doing this but I do have an issue with the people who are going to do this BECAUSE Casey did it. This isn't new! People have written blogs and even studies have shown cutting off social media is good for you. Are you doing it because YOU want to or because Casey is? Doing it because you actually see the negative impact it has in your personal life is the only way it'll be successful. *Happy social media free travels!*

  • Cobboom!

    Inspired to uninstall myself. Thank you, Sir!

  • Sisco

    Hey Casey! Not sure if you'll read this but I wanted to mention two things...First, needless to say, awesome content as always. Second, this video kind of gave me the idea of what topic to discuss on a "talk-show" sort of thing I started here on YouTube. My goal here isn't to plug my channel or content, just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration with every video. So with that being said, I look forward to more of your videos as always and could not be more thankful for the notification bell.

  • Flat Eric
    Flat Eric

    Bru never know Casey spend so much time on social media. lol