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Video: Goodbye Social Media.

VIDEO: Goodbye Social Media.
03/13/2019 09:08 83.6K 2.6K 2.5M
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  • fake_Future

    Dude took you long time to ditch all this baloney they call 'social media'. I used this shit for about 3 months years ago, and never again wasted my time and energy, with the drivel of this corrupt world.

  • Morton Muggsy
    Morton Muggsy

    Take my fucking likes and give me another 10min of your products!!!!!!!! MOOOORE

  • Caesar Santoso
    Caesar Santoso

    please dont stop making an amazing content, been a fan for years now

  • Etain Hatch
    Etain Hatch

    idek why he married candice she always seems miserable and like she doesn’t even like him

  • Edison Malaj
    Edison Malaj

    Hey CASEY I’m new YouTuber , you can send me everything you don’t need from the fun mail people send you , I’m gonna Appreciate it a lot 😎 I’m going to pay for the post 😎


    what does garyvee think of this

  • David F. V. Silva
    David F. V. Silva

    Deleted social media apps (except whatsapp) from my phone. Really makes a difference.

  • stixheaven67

    HEY! DONT FUCKING GO ON YOUR PHONE WHILE DRIVING. a big fan but fr don't do that :)

  • Alberto Garcia
    Alberto Garcia

    You posted a pic yesterday. Guess it didn´t really work for you

  • itsmebryang

    Where u on Aderol ( neutropic ) on this video ?

  • MattTube Playz
    MattTube Playz

    I dont really like social media (not yt) because they talk about something weird and anxious

  • Rene Heins
    Rene Heins

    simon sinek talks a lot about social media and its impact. How we are just now starting to see the long term affects on the younger generations. Eye opening stuff

  • Ken Ramsley
    Ken Ramsley

    Social media is 99.9999999% mind-numbing bullshit. Except for YouTube, I deleted all social media accounts years ago, and recently, I deleted my entire YouTube channel content (7k+ subs) --- and apart from watching videos almost no one watches, I am winding down YouTube views. Social media is 99.9999999% mind-numbing bullshit (I said that already -- but you cannot say that enough).

  • Vic Jang
    Vic Jang

    Damn Casey your videos are like artworks. So pleasant to watch.

  • Vic Jang
    Vic Jang

    After my 7-day honeymoon trip to a pacific island, I closed my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Best thing I've even done for sure.