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Video: Gordon Ramsay Fishes & Cooks Squid | Gordon's Great Escape

VIDEO: Gordon Ramsay Fishes & Cooks Squid | Gordon's Great Escape
02/10/2019 07:18 15.8K 319 1.3M

Gordon Ramsay fishes and prepares squid for the local fisherman in Vietnam.

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Comments (1,373)
  • Alan L
    Alan L

    Gordon Ramsay has earned himself a fearsome reputation with his no nonsense approach as a chef. He didn't suffer fools and was very vocal in getting his views across. There is a lot more to Gordon than his rants: his dedication to food has took him all around the world with excellent coverage for us all to see. When not rattled he is a cheeky charmer. These videos are full of his humour and passion for food. I salute the guy!

  • FuckCroydonJunkies

    And here I am eating spaghetti heated up in the microwave from last nights dinner

  • onz lo
    onz lo

    Dont undercook it or else the customers will still hear it telling spongebob to fuck off


    I'm quit sure that if a restaurant Frm kitchen nightmares gives him this.... He is gonna criticise it....

  • Janae Clarice
    Janae Clarice

    Please post more footage of Gordon’s travels I know you have more!

  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee

    The sight of Gordon being in that half sphere of a fishing boat is so absurdly funny :''D

  • Deus Costa
    Deus Costa

    when do they start calling him a donkey for not being able to row a boat or catch squid? timestamp pls

  • Avi

    "show me your squid in ten minutes" hmm kinky.

  • Ayyan Ali
    Ayyan Ali

    "It looks effortless, it doesn't even look like he's doing anything" gordon just summarized his own cooking

  • Nova J.
    Nova J.

    He is a chef but he travels around the world, having so much fun, and really into his job too - how many chefs start cooking by gathering their own ingredients? I envy his lifestyle