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Video: HAZBIN HOTEL -"Morning Report" -(CLIP)-

VIDEO: HAZBIN HOTEL -'Morning Report' -(CLIP)-
12/04/2018 01:01 84.2K 604 862.2K
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  • b m
    b m

    Cherris outfit keeps changing I can't keep up

  • PlebNC

    Somehow I trust these 2 more than the actual news.

  • Undefined Error
    Undefined Error

    She just threw coffee over his d I knew I should have watched this sooner (in all seriousness, all of it was funny not just that part. There are so many passive-agressive characters in this, and the whole thing hasn't even come out yet. 10/10

  • Thomas Bucks
    Thomas Bucks

    Am i the only one who thinks it's funny that a guy named trench is talking about a war

  • oliscar

    Well Katie sure got triggered. Jealous that Tom finds Cherry attractive, Katie?

  • Dark Fox
    Dark Fox

    I don't know why I was so caught off guard by the language and dirty jokes. It was epic and I busted out laughing, but for some reason I really didn't expect it in something from Viviepop XD Maybe I'm just not watching the right video's of her fantastic work!

  • twinkles 18
    twinkles 18

    i love this shit some much cant wait for full episode

  • Mrs. Multifandom
    Mrs. Multifandom

    If you look closely you can see the flame of death in Katie’s eyes

  • Alicia The Rabbit
    Alicia The Rabbit

    Wait I wanted to hear the rest of the guy's story who was writing the bottom text-

  • Dr. Float
    Dr. Float

    Can u make the vids longer cause it's Leaveing me n suppens btw love yo vids

  • Jackiegirl720

    For the love of Go- i mean Satan Read The words at the bottom of the screen!!!!!!!