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Video: HAZBIN HOTEL -"Morning Report" -(CLIP)-

VIDEO: HAZBIN HOTEL -'Morning Report' -(CLIP)-
12/04/2018 01:01 109.4K 737 1.7M
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  • 32201JA

    This is funnier and better than any news show will ever be.

  • Savannah Baddeley
    Savannah Baddeley

    "You are a lipdick jackass tom, or should I say, no dick" Tom "not again-" SKSKSKSK HOW MANY TIMES HAS THAT HAPPENED POOR TOM LMAO

  • bubble_pop creations
    bubble_pop creations

    I always wanted to know if hazbin hotel have there own them song intro and outtro

  • Darren 0613
    Darren 0613

    I swear she must’ve been drinking some kind of brown acid cause that apparently burnt him so bad he’s still complaining

  • Sr. Pepe
    Sr. Pepe

    0:11 that's Crooked Glasses's drawing :00

  • Riku 70X
    Riku 70X

    The story at the bottom in text is hella deppressing.

  • Darren 0613
    Darren 0613

    0:47 JESUS she cold! I wanna watch this when it comes out

  • HeustinDeBoi 1
    HeustinDeBoi 1

    Goodness Cherri bomb, I know its hell and everything but like damn, RIP egg boi death by knee

  • Meme Maid
    Meme Maid

    Sir Pentious is basically a old man who is trying to be hip lol