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Video: Here's the Most Dangerous Thing in the Universe

VIDEO: Here's the Most Dangerous Thing in the Universe
05/15/2019 09:36 6.4K 282 224.5K

Are you afraid of alien invasions or giant meteors rushing toward Earth? Oh, forget about them! There’s something much more dangerous lurking in space, and it’s called "strange matter." While people don't know much about it, experts are sure that under particular conditions, this stuff would be able to eat our planet alive!

Imagine a jar of honey that suddenly goes nuts and decides to consume everything around: the table, plates, your kitchen, you, the whole galaxy! That's exactly what may happen if the strange matter was left to roam on its own. But would there be a way to stop all this from happening?

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What's so unique about neutron stars? 0:35
How just one teaspoon can weight 10 million tons 1:31
Strange quarks. What is it? 2:34
Strange matter may be... contagious! 4:01
Is it really so dangerous? (Oh, yeah!) 5:04
Could we stop it? 5:49
How to avoid becoming spaghetti 6:46
What physicists say 7:48

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- Imagine this: a super powerful and massive star is reaching the end of its life. If the star had been massive enough, it’ll produce a black hole. But if it wasn't that big, a neutron star will appear in its place.
- Scientists say that one day these neutrons can get tired of holding all that weight, and the structure keeping the entire thing together will collapse. This leads to the appearance of a quark star.
- The pressure inside a quark star is getting stronger. As a result, things called “strange quarks” can appear in its core. They’ve been dubbed “strange” because, well, they don’t behave like normal quarks.
- But strange matter – oh, that's a bundle of chaos! Here’s where the “strange” part comes in. Its quarks have no boundaries – they just run totally amok wherever and however they want.
- When two neutron stars collide or when a neutron star crashes into a black hole, these strangelets break free. Sadly, a strangelet wouldn't care whether the object it's encountered is a star or a planet full of life!
- To get rid of strange matter, the only thing we could do is toss it into a black hole. But this escape plan raises all kinds of questions itself.
- But as soon as you get to the black hole’s edge, aka the event horizon, you won't be able to turn back because it’s the point of no return.
- Everything that approaches a black hole gets broken down into individual atoms. And we become long thin pasta.
- At this point, strange matter is just a theory that hasn't been confirmed yet. Physicists have considered creating strange matter in a particle accelerator. Luckily, they later came to the conclusion that it's impossible to do since particle accelerators get so hot that they’d immediately melt any appearing strangelets.

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  • CallMe ImTooCool4Ya
    CallMe ImTooCool4Ya

    BRIGHT SIDE ocean we know nothing about it we know more stuff of space than the ocean edit: never mind

  • Stella Henning
    Stella Henning

    +martin robinson that's not true, we will never know everything about space.

  • GAMETUB 123
    GAMETUB 123

    Ocean cuse i like space and things ITS cool

  • Veradox

    When i heard quark i straight though about Boku No Hero Academia

  • Pizza Gaming
    Pizza Gaming

    Let the universe expand and have strange bois not reach Earth

  • Dan T
    Dan T

    Video is so dumbed down. Its like his target audience are idiots. Also hes not mentioning that strange matter, quark stars, strangelets are just a hypothesis. None of this stuff has been detected and never created in a lab. For all we know none of this stuff exists.

  • Ryv Mutsu
    Ryv Mutsu

    Thank you for this informative video devoid of any "thumbs up for XYZ subject material" bombs otherwise ruining the delivery ^^;

  • Divya Tripathi
    Divya Tripathi

    So we can become Noodles n this is called spaghettification🐒🐒

  • firayaQ7

    A black hole is so strong that not even light cannot escape it, and yet a collision releases strange stuff that can escape the black hole?

  • ColdrenPlayz Yt
    ColdrenPlayz Yt

    I have no idea what are you talking about but it looks cool! And great channel btw I'm just ten years old so idk what is Adams or anything you say inside this video.

  • Aveek B
    Aveek B

    Ur too slow kurzgesagt already made a vedio about it

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    Strange matter left me on read

  • r136a1 star
    r136a1 star

    The most dangerous thing It's your mother i am not joking

  • Bikaru

    Funny how kurzegesagt made a video about this subject around a month ago, and just now you decided to do it? Honestly, get a little creative. Your youtube channel is literally a dumpster fire compared to theirs.


    This is called also quark matter which is found in the center of a neutron star....

  • Raja Dabadji
    Raja Dabadji

    Please Stop Copying Kurzgesagt, It just looks horrible on your channel, they are obviously are more passionate about science than you are