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Video: Here's Why I LIED About Not Buying Another Car in 2019 (Thanks to Jay Leno)

VIDEO: Here's Why I LIED About Not Buying Another Car in 2019 (Thanks to Jay Leno)
03/13/2019 19:57 15.5K 443 506K
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  • Not The Technician
    Not The Technician

    15:30 And then Lamborghini-Jesus parted the sea of people and began working on the car that he helped test all the way back in the sixties. Valentino Balboni just shows up -- he could sense there was a Lamborghini in distress.

  • Jeff Mayo
    Jeff Mayo

    Your a father now,OK? It's time to call your newest family member a daughter or a son..not a KID,-CURTAIN CLIMBER or RUGRAT. 😇

  • Leif Tastad
    Leif Tastad

    Let me show you the quirks of features of my new year's resolution.

  • A-Frame-Wedge

    Hoovie is the ‘Cooler’ of cars, just like the movie where gamblers would lose when the Cooler came near, the cars lose their reliability.

  • ekimo56

    You idiot, just put them in the wifes name and your resolution would stand.

  • Draggy654

    Lets be honest its much its much harder to get to meet Jeremy Clarkson and get him to talk about cars instead of a hammer or something

  • J J
    J J

    them fancy cars r great for average people to get noticed, kinda like tattoos

  • R. Aaron Hible
    R. Aaron Hible

    I "thought" I heard your name when they were announcing the judges on the Concours. My wife said I was hearing things. Glad I'm not crazy. Speaking of Amelia Island car fires this year, we saw a brass era car at Bonhams in Amelia catch fire on the block. It still sold for over 6 figures.

  • SixTailights

    Where can I find the hoovie and Miguel video???

  • mmarocker

    Leave it to Hoovie to sneak in a McLaren Senna in the last 30 seconds of a 20 minute video

  • FJ C
    FJ C

    Engine light went off in your McLaren?? Take it to the dealership, im sure it is broken...