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Video: How Barack Proposed To Michelle Obama

VIDEO: How Barack Proposed To Michelle Obama
12/01/2018 09:35 41.2K 692 2.1M

'Becoming' author and former First Lady Michelle Obama says her now-husband's lawyerly marriage proposal was presented with an opening argument.

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Comments (2,363)
  • Adrienne L
    Adrienne L

    The only first family that deserved more than 8 years!!! We are lost without them!!! 😫😫😫

  • Craig Patterson
    Craig Patterson

    Now Look at the " So Called " First Lady in the Whitehouse right now ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 What a Fucking Joke ! And now the Biggest Joke ! THE PRESIDENT !!! , WHICH REALLY IS NO PRESIDENT !!

  • sara neziri
    sara neziri

    I'm not even American but I freaking miss Barack and Michelle Obama

  • Galimir Nund
    Galimir Nund

    I just watched an interview with mail order bride melania... what a difference in personality!!!!

  • Brian Win
    Brian Win

    Wow, very intelligent! How could not I miss her and the president of the United States! No hate. No look down. Very respectful. At least I could say we had a moment.

  • tommo91

    can't wait for Melania to do a public interview about how her own personal morality matches up to her husband's policy directions. Or about how much she admires his bravery in draft dodging in during the Vietnam War due to 'bone spurs' in his feet. Remember though he knows more about war than all of 'the generals' combined and will defeat ISIS in a single day. I've never seen a person talk so much sht as Trump and get away with it. Still just as bizarre as it was when he first got elected.

  • room messy
    room messy

    I needed this video in my life this made me smile

  • RunFor OurLives
    RunFor OurLives

    The bar was set for Obama at 7ft ... in the Trump Presidency, it went down to the gutter. smh

  • RunFor OurLives
    RunFor OurLives

    Whoever did her makeup is a master. Perfect shade to compliments her skin tone.

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama

    I would not on earth know how to make kids with her. it wouldn't work, sorry

  • Mesalonika

    Isn't she loverly? Isn't she wonderful...perfect song for Michelle (Michelle Ma Belle)

  • Connie Alford
    Connie Alford

    She's a classy woman with the right morals to be the best first lady yet! She's right... The bar was set high for them as the first family. They did not let us down. THANK YOU OBAMA'S!!👈👈👈💜💜💜🌫️

  • Master Pervert
    Master Pervert

    The standard meter today has dropped to lowest and lowest depths of hell.... That should explain it..