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Video: How Do You Love? A New Personality Test

VIDEO: How Do You Love? A New Personality Test
12/05/2018 12:56 3K 135 103K

What is your love style? We all turn into completely different people when we fall in love. And, believe it or not, our general love pattern doesn't really change. It makes our love life either incredibly happy or utterly miserable.

Are you an example of the unhealthy self-love pattern? Or are you all about obsessive love? Or maybe you're big on playful love? This quick test will show how your love style affects your romantic life. Your job is to answer the questions honestly and keep track of the letters you choose. At the end, your most frequently used letter will reveal exactly how you love.

Question #1 1:27
Question #2 2:18
Question #3 3:06
Question #4 3:58
Question #5 4:35
Question #6 5:20
Question #7 6:07
Question #8 7:00

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- If the majority of your answers are As, you're a living example of the unhealthy self-love pattern. To put it simply, you mostly love yourself, the way you love somebody, and their love for you in a relationship. At this point, you're not ready to give somebody your time without receiving anything in return — you have to be praised and admired.
- If you're a fan of the B answers, you're all about obsessive love. As you can probably guess, that’s no good either. You need validation in your relationships, and you are prepared to go far to get it. Moreover, you have a hard time trusting your partner, which is why you can be possessive, jealous, and codependent. Of course, no relationship can survive this poisonous environment for long, so you rarely develop a long-lasting bond with somebody.
- If the answers under the letter C were your go-to options, you're big on playful love. There's nothing you enjoy more than new adventures, experiences, and memories, and that's exactly what you expect from a relationship. The classic rom-com scenario of 2 people playfully hating and teasing each other until they fall in love is your idea of a happy relationship.
- If your answers mostly consist of Ds, realistic love is your everything. You behave incredibly maturely in love and know exactly when you need to be patient and tolerant. You're a person of action, and strong declarations of love don't really impress you — it's your partner's behavior that truly counts. Nonetheless, even an outstanding partner like you has certain issues in relationships, and the main one is seriousness.
- If you chose answer E the most, congratulations! You’re one of the rare examples of people with the selfless love pattern. This love style is considered to be the highest form of love! You're not one to have tons of crushes; you fall in love hard and are always ready to give your partner everything without asking for anything back. Your relationships aren't about you or your partner; they're about unity, connection, and being a team.

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Comments (955)
  • Resean Washington
    Resean Washington

    Omg im almost purely E im happy because it really understood me LOL

  • Eldar Yunusov
    Eldar Yunusov

    I got mostly E and all the results were true about me

  • Unknown Animations
    Unknown Animations

    Heres a tip you can make polls on your videos and put in answers making it easier to see the most common type

  • Jack Andersson
    Jack Andersson

    X Eris250 X I doubt that. Cause friendship is built on 2 things. Love is just one of them

  • Jack Andersson
    Jack Andersson

    Francisco gamer You're not supposed to do it more than once....

  • Jack Andersson
    Jack Andersson

    @brightside To my suprise,I just scored a 85% of E's and only 15% of D's. I also have never had a relationship, been deeply in-love twice. - I'll say however... the question 7 was somewhat tricky. (Forgiveness one) Because it means you really have too fundamentally understand your partner/companion at that point.

  • Francisco gamer
    Francisco gamer

    I am an A fan, C fan, D fan ,and E fan (cause i chose does 2 times)

  • W's Channel
    W's Channel

    Bright side is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily Andrews
    Emily Andrews

    8:57 Obsessive love for the B answers? :O I think anyone reading this comment can guess how dangerous it is.

  • Emily Andrews
    Emily Andrews

    For Question #7, while E can work for me, I would prefer that they learn their lesson when they do something wrong.

  • Emily Andrews
    Emily Andrews

    I love your personality tests, BRIGHT SIDE. It's one of the reasons I subscribe to your channel...even though I'm not currently dating anyone.

  • Emily Andrews
    Emily Andrews

    For Question #2, C and D are almost the same thing.

  • Emily Andrews
    Emily Andrews

    For Question #1, I'd go for all five, but E is my best option.

  • Immortal Chaos
    Immortal Chaos

    My answers 1.D 2.A 3.E 4.E 5.A 6.E 7.E 8.C Guess I'm an E person anyone else?

  • A M
    A M

    E ☺️💞

  • Patrick Hinson
    Patrick Hinson

    I got the selfless love patern and I feel it is correct.