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Video: How Humans Broke the Game

VIDEO: How Humans Broke the Game
04/14/2019 08:13 79.9K 1.4K 1.3M

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  • TierZoo


  • White Eagle
    White Eagle

    Press F to pay respect to those early Dark Souls cavemen hunting Wooly Rhinoceri

  • Skycrash 8
    Skycrash 8

    Hey Tierzoo I have a question if pterosaurs are still alive what tier will they be in

  • ReLL ReXX
    ReLL ReXX

    Congrats man! Also big respect tp ya'll for that "life came from Africa" shoutout!!! 👌🏾

  • Just Someguy
    Just Someguy

    The real question is why are you on trending? Jewtube decides what's trending afterall. It has NOTHING to do with popularity!!

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith

    Good on ya tier couldn't happen to a better tuber!

  • No Celebrity
    No Celebrity

    Thanks to the video title, all your viewers just lost the game.

  • Earth Federation Space Force
    Earth Federation Space Force

    1939: after the last event'the great war', not much had changed. To give all guild a chance to change their fate, under guild'the third reich' 's request, we are going to start another great war-ish event-----'world war 2' This event will combine with ongoing event'2nd Sino-japan war' alone with three new maps:'eastern front' 'Pacific' 'east Asia' NOTICE:ALL human guild MUST join this event. WILL YOU SURVIVE THIS?

  • Earth Federation Space Force
    Earth Federation Space Force

    1914:many player build guild have a lot of weapons stored with no place to use,we decided to have a event:'the great war' This event require guilds to use all strength they have. Also,this is the first time ever guild have a chance to expend their land. have fun!

  • Aidan

    Where did you get the clips of the humans. I just want to watch it

  • Just Hans
    Just Hans

    You are alien life is game to you

  • James Sime
    James Sime

    Kick Loch they can but only in certain parts of their body (I think it’s the paws/hooves) and they don’t sweat as much as humans

  • Drew Collins
    Drew Collins

    You should do a video on the mysterious dev/devs of the meta. Maybe talk about theories behind what physics/graphics engine the meta runs on? What the programming language and framework may look like compared to what's currently in the meta. What is the true main quest line?

  • Abi

    Damn, told those lions to stop farming exps and start taking objectives before humans come online. They never listened smh now see what happened

  • Kinshra Slave
    Kinshra Slave

    lol that roast at 4:16 Even as an RS3 player that made me laugh.

  • Danny Lopez
    Danny Lopez

    That's some fine gameplay footage Square Enix. Hopefully the Final Fantasy 7 remake looks half as good.

  • Katryna

    In honor of the Equus lenensis discovery, can you do a video about ungulates?

  • Luke Martin
    Luke Martin

    Hey tier zoo wondering if you could make a video on the zombie apocalypse DLC and what the most viable builds would be

  • Incurablederp

    I think it’s very interesting to think of how Neanderthals were better than sapiens in most ways, but sapiens were more adaptable so we won out. I guess it makes sense tho since humans were up against some tough creatures in the savannah and still survived. It’s also very interesting to think of how close Homo sapiens were to extinction.

  • Rob Neko
    Rob Neko

    ''mozambique'here'' ahaahaha that caught me off guard

  • suckmytoes

    Hey guys add me 408 728 7289 I’m lvl 15 I got a brown skin build Stamina percentage lvl 86% Strength lvl 51 Intelligence lvl 47 Overall skill lvl 71 I’m waiting for my money to come in so I can get the new car and house add on:)

  • ThatOneCommenter21

    On the topic of humans..can you talk about their modern debuffs such as becoming a furry and or a anti vax

  • omg who dat
    omg who dat

    This is perfect for me I love gaming and I want to be a marine biologist but I love all outdoor activities and things to do with animals

  • Sailakshya Sikdar
    Sailakshya Sikdar

    The way the host explaine things is op compared to an school teacher

  • K Quilor
    K Quilor

    This is actually a really good way to describe this very complicated topic.

  • Hispanic Aquaman
    Hispanic Aquaman

    I’ve been hearing a lot about multiclass builds, like Grolar Bears. Is this ever a viable strategy in the current meta?

  • T Lee
    T Lee

    Did you guys make the hunting clips?!

  • Axelgaksel

    Humans got a nerf that made them war with each other all the time