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Video: How Humans Broke the Game

VIDEO: How Humans Broke the Game
04/14/2019 08:13 126.5K 3.2K 2.3M

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  • Freedoman

    Humans are not the only animals to sweat so loosing hair was a bug. Horses, all primates, and a few others can sweat.

  • Hehehehehehehehehe

    When the alien class is unlocked I really hope they get to watch these tutorials on currents builds within the game. I think it would give them all the context required to successfully play the game on this global server.

  • pablo46

    your videos are awesome, nice point of view to explain all xD

  • John McHenry
    John McHenry

    TierZoo can you make an Amazon tier list due to the crazy amount of high tiers

  • connorblakethefalcon

    invasive species would be a cool video. You could talk about them as bugs being introduced that are super op and have no balance patch. They hop servers and then destroy everything

  • The Serpent's Hand
    The Serpent's Hand

    Heeeey, what do you think about the spider build Euphrynichus Amanica? I don’t know much about it, but it elevates the fear factor to a whole other level. PS: you don’t really need to answer this :/

  • L n
    L n

    You say server so I assume its a videogame if so what is it called

  • President Duck
    President Duck

    Hey TierZoo, quick question. Is it possible for you to start sourcing the clips of documentaries that you show in your videos?

  • xCosmicMuffinManx

    Interesting video. However, there were a great many human species aside from "Sapiens" and "Neanderthals".

  • Someone404

    could you talk about the cambrian open beta?

  • vinh nguyen
    vinh nguyen

    So we became the best not because we are strong but we are so weak that we have to use our brain and social interaction to survive?

  • Gamer _
    Gamer _

    So now i nhow wy humans had the longest time to evolutionize in africa but eurazia tuck the cake

  • Demo 0
    Demo 0

    We arent too sure if neanderthals were smarter than homosapiens and even then we are technically homosapien sapien meaning even wiser man (surely means that I dont know)

  • HaydenX

    Wait...the animated Ardipithecus and Australopithecus scenes were by Square-Enix? E.V.O.: The Search For Eden remake/reboot/sequel confirmed?

  • Gary Tran
    Gary Tran

    "Infighting is its biggest weakness" Humans: invented nukes

  • Thelelanator lol
    Thelelanator lol

    The neanderthal's brain may have been bigger than the human brain, but they didn't have the ingenuity or the social abilities of homo sapiens, so they ended up losing

  • Thelelanator lol
    Thelelanator lol

    Like the ability to be completely immune to a certain disease that i forgot the name of

  • Thelelanator lol
    Thelelanator lol

    The neanderthals didn't put specialization points into their intelligence so they ended up losing

  • Loganny Paulio
    Loganny Paulio

    Theres a secret Build in the game called an Otaku Build and its the most underated build in the game and everyone hates it. You have to be a human to get this build.

  • Blan The DJ
    Blan The DJ

    I think the devs should nerf humans by sending one of those meteors again

  • Simon Peter
    Simon Peter

    Language, the greatest buff / trait in the game.

  • God

    Sorry about this, might nerf or ban humans in the global warming update

  • RapidPandaStudios

    There is also a theory that saipiens communicated better and thats what made them win over neanderthales.