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Video: How Much Girls Have Changed Throughout History

VIDEO: How Much Girls Have Changed Throughout History
12/06/2018 05:31 3K 886 276.8K

How did the concept of female beauty change over the years? We live in an amazing time when everything around us is changing rapidly: technology, fashion, lifestyle, and, of course, the people themselves and their attitude to everything. It's interesting to observe the changes the ideals of female beauty undergo with time. Not to mention the ways in which the beautiful half of humanity tries to comply with these notions. Today we want to show the changes that have taken place among the women of the planet and compare these changes with what we see today. Bright Side has prepared illustrations about how girls were before and what they are like now.

Tattoo styles 0:37
The bigger, the better 0:56
The size of the clothing covering your body 1:18
Hair 1:32
Looking feminine 1:52
Women’s skills 2:15
Women and technology 2:34
Quality time with friends 2:53
Pregnancy and childbirth 3:13
Tanning 3:34
Cosmetics 3:50
Gravity-defying hair 4:10
The concept of “looking cool” 4:28
Eyebrows 4:44

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- Tattoo styles change rapidly, and we can assume what’s soon to come…
- The bigger, the better is only true for hair now, not for your body.
- And the size of the clothing covering your body is only getting smaller.
- Hair of any color and any length is considered to be a girl’s treasure.
- Looking feminine doesn’t mean wearing dresses all the time.
- Women are learning more skills and acquiring more abilities, and they can’t be stopped.
- Quality time with friends is sacred. Although now it doesn’t have to be in silence.
- Pregnancy and childbirth have become more comfortable, and there are fewer surprises.
- Real aristocrats can allow themselves to soak up the sun instead of striving for paleness.
- The modern girl looks natural, but she needs a ton of cosmetics for this.
- Gravity-defying hair will have the fashion police knocking at your door.
- The concept of “looking cool” has changed and for the better.
- Eyebrows are an entirely separate story — their shape and size has always changed and always will.

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Comments (674)
  • Nikki N friends
    Nikki N friends

    Waaaiiiiiit!Your saying tattoos are gonna be more realistic when turn 18?NOOO DO IT NEXT YEAR!!!!!

  • Melancholynn

    "Gravity defying hair will have the fashion police knocking at your door" So am I going to be arrested for having an ahoge?

  • Vida Loca
    Vida Loca


  • Sam M
    Sam M

    "Gravity-defying hair will have the fashion police knocking at your door." Am I the only one who found this somewhat insulting???

  • Veselka

    woman today are more nice

  • M K
    M K

    2:29 She surely can't drive because that's an automatic.

  • A Arthi
    A Arthi

    The confidence of women has improved

  • Kenya Fowler
    Kenya Fowler

    It's sad because all of these are true, as a female it makes me feel sad and sorry for the female's who actually do these things. For example so many women are wearing makeup and I never wore makeup once in my life. And the one with women wearing less clothes is so true (well some of them). 😏

  • Brittany McCarty
    Brittany McCarty

    2:30 oh, great quality example there! Encourage people to text and drive, will ya. 🤦