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Video: Hurricane Michael becomes Category 1 storm as it heads toward Georgia

VIDEO: Hurricane Michael becomes Category 1 storm as it heads toward Georgia
10/11/2018 01:35 1.9K 289 494K

Hurricane Michael becomes Category 1 storm as it heads toward Georgia

Hurricane Michael lashed across Florida's Panhandle Wednesday as a Category 4 hurricane. As it heads toward Georgia, it has been downgraded to a Category 1. Mark DeMaria, chief of technology and science at the National Hurricane Center, joined CBSN to provide the latest details on Michael.


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  • Gina Perez
    Gina Perez

    So no one’s going to say anything about the tiny Trump in the bottom right corner?!

  • Jason Cabral
    Jason Cabral

    Well God really really hates the southern states , I'm ok with this , climate change isn't real but your stuff being destroyed is

  • Mag Pag
    Mag Pag

    Crazy how some people still believe climate change isn’t real

  • Get Real
    Get Real

    Beautiful,Warm, & Sunny in Tucson Arizona as always 😎

  • Epic Bug
    Epic Bug

    California: wow can you not have hurricanes for like a minute also california: *burning to ashes*

  • Stained Brain
    Stained Brain

    Idk if anyone will appreciate my dark humor.. but I've seen a few people joke about it in the comments, so I feel less bad. It's a musical reference: "MICHAEL MAKES AN ENTRANCE."

  • Bryce Salte
    Bryce Salte

    How dare you not blaming Donald Trump for the weather!? You’ve been instructed by Satan to blame him for everything including the weather!! Stick with the program! If you keep reporting news people might actually start to believe you again and that is absolutely unacceptable!

  • Johny Boy
    Johny Boy

    That's where you should build your wall.

  • Kevin Orghidan
    Kevin Orghidan

    It will hit the Portugal and Spain (Europe) , in a couple hours.

  • Adrastos

    Guys help I’m in New York pls pray for me Nothings wrong and I don’t have any family there it’s just kinda cold

  • Adrastos

    This video was uploaded October 10th... it’s the 14th.

  • Bassknots

    Nothing to do with very fast moving rockets or space things or whatever

  • jagpit show
    jagpit show

    Prayers are with everyone affected by this storm and those that lost there life with this storm