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Video: I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

VIDEO: I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months
06/11/2019 12:41 313.9K 3.2K 5.2M

I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...

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Comments (29,499)
  • Indica Wood
    Indica Wood

    When you relize your comment has over 23 k likes 😂

  • Rainbow56 Videos
    Rainbow56 Videos

    Woah how did you get that username. I thought it would be taken

  • Lil Akamura
    Lil Akamura

    Did he say like that smash button or was it just me? Adam I feel u I hate tomato soup

  • Jwen

    12:22 anyway, like that smash button.

  • Eden Lake
    Eden Lake

    this is my first time on this channel, and I checked out because I watch Let Me Explain Studios and omg this is HALARIOUS

  • David Guevara
    David Guevara

    Moment 7:50 the first video is I'm something else the best song ever 😉😉

  • Alvaro903skylander

    ha ha ah ha ha ahahauwsweq ewsrnkwcbgjwbcgewugbcgtjnkieugbct5ekrefsngbnyjcadx im bored hehehehe

  • Nadinoosh

    this is the first time i see your face but your voice weirdly fits your face but not really yknow what i'm saying?

  • army bts
    army bts

    im taller then a Normal 8 year old

  • Sophia Ann
    Sophia Ann

    Omg this made me laugh, I went through a similar issue, minus the wiring shut as it was a differet problem but I was stuck on those DAMN DRINKS FOR AGES AUGHHH they're chalky and theres like 3 flavors, if you can even call them that Dx so I get the crazy feeling for sure, I think mine lasted a few months, before they figured out it was a super rare side effect from my antidepressant (so yay no surgery) also I watched a ton of cooking stuff while drinking boost, it just felt more satisfying(oh geez maybe all their fans are starving....)