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Video: I Survived On $0.01 For 3 Days - Episode 3

07/10/2019 11:54 90.8K 4.9K 2.1M

im sorry... :(
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1. What equipment do you use?
My camera -
Vlog lens -
Vlog mic -
Photography lens -
My drone -
Desk mic (commentary) -
My computer -
My tripod -

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Comments (9,900)
  • VoidPlayz YT
    VoidPlayz YT

    He actually said it was an entrepreneurship project, not class. Being a Youtuber is being an entrepreneur. So each video is an entrepreneurship project. When he told the old lady he was doing an entrepreneurship class, he didn’t lie because all of his videos are aimed at us and he inspires and teaches people how to be an entrepreneur. Sounds like a class and a project to me! HE NEVER LIED.

  • Icee Clash
    Icee Clash

    me: i rlly dont care that he lied he should of continued now i am sad he didnt finish ;(

  • Ankady Ankady
    Ankady Ankady

    Abraham Lincoln one said "Fake it till you make it" so in conclusion you didn't do anything wrong.

  • MOP 4631
    MOP 4631

    why did people get so salty over this 😂

  • Logan Westbrook
    Logan Westbrook

    Who literally doesn't give a Crap about him cheating? I mean it was entertaining so I don't mind

  • IcyPopsicle

    Ryan: thinks he’s a bad person for lying once Me: lies so often I don’t even care anymore

  • Gabby's corner
    Gabby's corner

    Guys! He said entrepreneur project, not class and technically it was an entrepreneur project, you guys are overreacting, and I didn’t mean to get that much back lash from A COMMENT Thanks for everyone defending me against princess.

  • Neon Dreams
    Neon Dreams

    I want another episode. (Slams mug on ground) ANOTHER

  • Braylon Kastning
    Braylon Kastning

    This is for whoever said time to go delete ur YouTube channel, Shut up is my advise to u

  • toby is the Scranton strangler
    toby is the Scranton strangler

    Other YouTubers: cause scandals Other YouTubers: fake sobs I'm sOrrYy Ryan Trahan: Accidentally makes a mistake actually tries to fix it and is just genuinely wholesome

  • annim hahs
    annim hahs

    "I wouldn't get candy from me" -Ryan Trahan 2019

  • Ava Richardson
    Ava Richardson

    “Hopefully the underwear doesn’t get wet” “Everything got wet”

  • Distortion 99
    Distortion 99

    I honestly could not care less as long as he completes the challenge

  • AgStars

    I never thought the “lying” was that serious 😂

  • Tiril I Norge
    Tiril I Norge

    you are not a lier, you are just trying your best. I think you did well :)

  • Chloe Ricker
    Chloe Ricker

    The whole liar thing is like the sssniperwollf one dollar for a day thing


    OH MY GOSH THIS SERIES WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!! I had NO IDEA a penny could go such a long way omg that's extraordinary!!!!!!!

  • Uroš Cvijić
    Uroš Cvijić

    If ya'll think about this,this is the best summer job ever.

  • Davis Bryant
    Davis Bryant

    just like shane's documentaries, the comments can change how the creator goes about the rest of the series, interrupting their original goal. Keep the series going!