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Video: Impossible To Lose Fat ? Try These 7 Tips For Fat Loss with Hypothyroidism

12/24/2018 02:27 3 Rutube

Is losing weight extra hard for you? You may suffer from an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). Do you notice any of these symptoms? - Fatigue - Weight gain - Sensitivity to temperature change - Constipation - Dry skin - Puffiness of face - Abnormal voice changes - Muscle weakness - High cholesterol levels - Muscle pain, stiffness, or tenderness - Joint pains or swelling - Heavier or irregular menstrual periods - Hair loss - Slow heart rate - Impaired memory - Depression or mood swings This guide includes 7 tips to help you lose more fat -even if you have an underactive thyroid. Watch this quick video to get our 7 tips. For the full guide with causes and the tips explained more in-depth, go to Slide deck also available here:

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