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Video: In Theaters Now: Five Feet Apart, Wonder Park | Weekend Ticket

VIDEO: In Theaters Now: Five Feet Apart, Wonder Park | Weekend Ticket
03/14/2019 02:21 361 24 31.4K

In Theaters Now: Five Feet Apart, Wonder Park | Weekend Ticket

Finding love where you least expect it, or finding your dream amusement park... where you least expect it? Will you see 'Five Feet Apart' or 'Wonder Park' in theaters this weekend?
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Comments (43)
  • Lauren Baker
    Lauren Baker


  • Richard Wells
    Richard Wells

    I got dragged to Five Feet Apart last night. It was ok.. Predictable, nothing special but not particularly offensive in any way. I wouldn't watch it again nor would I really recommend it but, again, it wasn't BAD. Just not MY kind of movie.

  • Julian Montgomery
    Julian Montgomery

    Also I’m seeing Wonder Park on Tuesday. So excited. I wanna see Five Feet Apart but my bank account does not.

  • Julian Montgomery
    Julian Montgomery

    Wait so you’re saying it wouldn’t be surprising to find a random amusement park in the woods if it wasn’t from your imagination??

  • Tiana Roberge
    Tiana Roberge

    wundur park is so funnny i defly wana see this movie

  • brandon heaton
    brandon heaton

    I’m soo excited for Wonder Park I’m seeing it tomorrow

  • Kiana Wood
    Kiana Wood

    I’m going to see Five Feet Apart with my sister on Tuesday

  • Yousef Alnajar
    Yousef Alnajar

    Kiana Wood good for u can I come...kidding lol bye sorry

  • Ida Immelman
    Ida Immelman

    I'm Going To Watch Wonder Park The Day After Its Release

  • Jacob Wilkes
    Jacob Wilkes

    “Here’s your weekend ticket to see “Five Feet Apart”. Rated PG-13. And “Wonder Park”. Rated PG. Both now playing at a theater near you.”