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Video: In Theaters Now: Little, Hellboy, Missing Link | Weekend Ticket

VIDEO: In Theaters Now: Little, Hellboy, Missing Link | Weekend Ticket
04/11/2019 04:04 125 14 14.9K

In Theaters Now: Little, Hellboy, Missing Link | Weekend Ticket

A "boss from hell" is turned into a child. A child from hell fights evil like a boss. One heck of a beast journeys home to Shangri-La! Will you see 'Little', 'Hellboy', or 'Missing Link' in theaters this weekend?
Tune-in to Weekend Ticket every Thursday to help you decide what to watch in theaters this weekend!
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Comments (35)
  • Unexpected 1155
    Unexpected 1155

    Movie clips is one of my favourite channels , it’s inspired me to start my own channel of movie scenes and trailers so thank you movie clips and hope to get some support from you and the community ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍

  • Expressanimation Entertainment
    Expressanimation Entertainment

    Enjoy your day.. And hope you all go far in life :) (not asking for subscribers LOL, because I expect someone tk say that I said this just to get subscribers)

  • Sk Haneef
    Sk Haneef

    Good or bad I'm watching Hellboy.

  • richard omoore
    richard omoore

    A lot of people have chosen to dislike Hellboy due to their anger over the treatment of Guillermo Del Toro by the producers/studio executives, (which was low) which caused Ron Perlman to pull out. Del Toro, with Perlmam as Hellboy, created an iconic film, from its vivid sets and brooding atmosphere to the definitive Hellboy as portrayed by Perlman. It was a great movie and well deserves praise. That being said, the new movie is a completely new take on the subject and may provide to be great in it's own right and deserves at least an opportunity. It's not a remake of Del Toro's and really shouldn't be judged against the earlier film. Give it a chance instead of trashing it before even seeing it..i loved the original but Ill go see the new one too.

  • Pedo King
    Pedo King

    Hellboy is actually good, but in our country, it's censored like crazy that we barely could watch anything

  • Millennium Cat
    Millennium Cat

    What I like about the Weekend Ticket is, even though Hellboy has gotten almost entirely negative reviews, Weekend Ticket ignores that. They treat it as a movie that is available to go and watch. They do that for a lot of movies.

  • Jacob Wilkes
    Jacob Wilkes

    “Here’s your weekend ticket to see “Little”. Rated PG-13. The live-action remake of “Hellboy”. Rated R. And “Missing Link”. Rated PG. All now playing at a theater near you.”

  • Kendra Renae
    Kendra Renae


  • Farhan Marco
    Farhan Marco

    Missing Link might be the movie I will watch. I’m sorry Hellboy.